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Logistics App Development - A Surefire Way Towards Success in Trucking Industry

The realm of transportation in India has a huge market that is embracing the power of logistics mobile applications at a growing rate. Research says, the logistics industry in India is estimated to be more than $ 120 billion among which the road transportation itself carries 60%. And this estimation can reach $ 300 billion by the year 2020. Also, according to Global Market Insights, as the growth in the e-commerce industry is expected to drive the third party logistic (3PL) market due to an increase in demand for fast delivery, efficient inventory management, freight forwarding, and individualized shipping time, this 3PL market is set to exceed USD 1,100 billion by 2024.

These statistics clearly show that the trucks are in great demand. To meet market demand, recently some logistics startup aggregators have come up with an innovative idea - blending logistics management and trucking business with the power of technology. They are gearing up to streamline the process related to IT, warehouse management, networking and complete logistics control through logistics app development.

Logistics App Development - A Surefire Way Towards Success in Trucking Industry

Trucking and logistics apps have the potential to make the trucking industry more efficient than ever by meeting consumer demands for packaging services straight with the source. It eliminates the requirement of a middleman between shippers and truckers while optimizing associated expense and time taken to deliver and receive packages. In a nutshell, an intuitive truck dispatch software brings an advanced freight management solution to streamline logistics and improve overall efficiency for shippers, drivers, and carriers. It caters to trucking & logistics businesses and startups to bring automation and scalability to their operations.

How Are Trucking Apps Modelled?

When it comes to shipping through a trucking app, building a relationship to expand the network of available carriers is the key aspect. The role of the company, which is about to launch a trucking app, is to collect important information from each driver, including the size of the truck, real-time location and insurance details to make the application work and streamline the procedure of getting packages delivered. Such trucking apps include the carriers who, chosen by pertinent algorithms, accept or reject opportunities shown on the app and eliminate the waiting, negotiating and paperwork that bog down the transportation industry. These apps are developed in assistance with well thought out terms that never fail to draw the attention of the drivers.

For example, Uber for trucking apps is aimed to match the drivers to the customers. The drivers listed in Uber trucking apps are actually the package carriers and the app sets a competitive price, based on distance, size, and weight of the package and some other factors that should be accounted for in the transportation industry.

For a startup, while developing a logistics app, reliable carriers are highly useful to attract shippers. Thus when developing your logistics application, legitimating is the key. When your carriers will be legitimate, the shippers will trust your app’s assistance to get the transportation done. Before starting the app development process, consider pre-screening your drivers and carriers to inspect their trucks, review their driving career and create a database of trustworthy online carriers to make sure no illegal carriers can use your app.

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Alex an Feb 14, 2021 · #3

Logistics app development and trucking have great potential to make trucking industry more efficient to meet consumer demands. It is an effective way to supply packing service straight with source. Hope to see more informational stuff like this.

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Hi Nitin,

Thank you for raising this question. Indeed, any industry can benefit from technologies, and nowadays with all this Covid-19 thing, people especially require access to fast and cheap delivery. Any shipping company owner needs to work on custom software to make his/her service convenient for the client. I've recently read this article: It describes how to benefit from the technology and not throw money out of the window.

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I think this is a very complex topic that you described very well, I think you did a wonderful job while I learned about logistics only here but there is not enough information here