Brief Review On Online Prison Pen Pals

A pen pal is a man or woman with whom another man or woman gets familiar through a, pleasant and regular correspondence. In the present day, a change has happened in the old method. People today write through electronic mail and by chatting with each other on the Internet. Prison pen pals communicate through emails, with the intention to save money as well as time. Be that as it may, these relationships although very enjoyable are fleeting.

Why People Become Pen Pals?

The decision of becoming pen friends may vary as per the relationships and diverse conditions. Some pen pals for prisoners exchange letters with the purpose to get rid of loneliness. Others make long-distance relationships because they want to know about new, remote places in the world.

Sometimes, online penpals for prison inmates may share pictures of them selves and their family. They may also send each other photos of their country or any other thing of interest.

Brief Review On Online Prison Pen Pals

How Internet is Useful?

By having online prison pen pals one can interact with somebody belonging to a different geographical region. Online pen friends could be of any race, nationality, age, or sex. They may have diverse cultures and distinctive religions. Some pen friends may plan to meet in, "real life." Internet simply connects two people. This network basically help people get precious understanding of the diverse nationalities.

Internet causes individuals to value and understand the distinctive existing societies and lifestyles. To avoid inconvenience, penpals for prisoners often communicate in a common language. The internet becomes a common platform by which they can keep in touch.

Dedicated Inmate Pen Pals Websites

Many websites have a “penpals for prison inmates Program” that matches prisoners to Christian volunteers. These websites are dedicated to detainees needing a caring companion. On those websites attempts are made to bring friendship and hope to forlorn convicts. The programs attempt to help remove the loneliness of the imprisoned. According to studies 90% of prisoners lose all contact with family and friends after 3 years. They soon feel loss of dignity, self-esteem and sense of pride. A letter or a card from a pen pal can lift their spirits.


To conclude, keeping in touch with a convict through internet is not bad. If you do find somebody you might want to write to, don't hesitate. The fact is most of the inmates are desperately looking for a new friend.