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How Blues is involved in my life.

How Blues is involved in my life.

There is a post I wrote a few weeks back about how BB King saved my life....or how I do feel that way and here is another commentaire how Blues is involved in my life.

Back in the late 80 ´s I was living in S Fco.

Near my home was a Blues joint ( Green and Grant ) called the Saloon. A former car racer and a great bluesman guitar player ,Johnny Nitro was the owner, Sadly Johnny passed a few years ago.

But there in that bar ...I do recall having some great moments.

I remember I used to talk to Johnny about Blues all the time...Even bragging about my self as a guitar player.. We used to talk about this and that , and scales and who is good or less good in the blues music...

Tell you a secret....I m really a disaster when playing the guitar...But I have to sound interesting...