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Ramon the postman

Ramon the postman
Ramon was a postman. The old fashioned one... those that deliver the mail by hand. The four residential areas knew him well. And they loved him.

Ramon had seen grow almost all the children of that area. Every morning on his bicycle running through mailboxes and leaving packages. He knew almost everyone by their names. And everyone greeted him when passing. He played the Bell for his bike... ring ring,... and everyone was smiling.

Ramon was always was willing to help. If the packages were large Ramón even carried them inside the house. Everyone loved him. What a guy

But times have changed. Now, nobody sends letters. All the world uses the email. And packages... very few and almost always by courier services. So The Post Service company decided to cut staff. And since Ramon was of the oldest they  decided to pre-retire him.

In the neighborhood the news fall like a bomb. They were going to miss him... much...  always with those bright eyes,... and that smile.

On his last day Ramon was overwhelmed. All were hugs and best wishes... many neighbors gave him cakes... other some sort of souvenirs. Photos... all were 'selfies '...even some tears. Doña Amalia didnt took  it very well... .Who was going  now to greet her . She whom "tellingthings it like she knows" made almost everybody avoid to talk to her. Who was going to say with that loving tone of Ramón... Amalia now... don't be so nosy...don t be such a gossiper

And thus was Ramon making his route. His last route. Saying goodbye House by House. ´Til He arrived to Aurora ´s home. the one with  the husband a bit blunt. It was one of the last houses of the neighborhood. 

Ramon pressed the bellring...

When  the door opened ... the vision was a shock. There was Aurora... with that great body and wearing only a negligee... black...seethru...nothing under...totally commando...

As soon as the door opened Aurora grabbed Ramon by the shoulders and gave him a strong french kiss. Ramon was dumbfounded... in shock...

Grasping a hand,  Aurora led Ramon  inside the House. There were flowers... smelled like expensive perfume... in the stereo... Barry White blasting away... OOhhhbebeebyyynbbaabyyywhatamgonnadowithyou... ohhh bebee... Barry moaning... the walls vibrating...

Once in the bedroom. While continuing to kiss him... Aurora was removing his uniform. When she  got to the pants Ramon was Catatonic. All over . But that does not stop  Aurora. Naked and with her mouth, took Ramon where no man has gone before...

The following 45 minutes were  Ramon  best of his life time. Never before such a woman ...had made feel him  that way... and the things she had done.!!!

When finished... Ramon asked to take a shower. She accompanied him to the bathroom and it gave him a set of new towels that the husband bought a few weeks earlier.

Back in the living room...Ramon already in his uniform... Aurora was waiting at the table. Had opened a bottle of a burgundy and had prepared several dishes wit