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Showing Off

Showing Off

...Greetings...First I d like to appologize if someone takes my " comment " in a offensive way. 

Here we go...

...Lately I ve been noticing the increasing amount of people that just write posts to talk about themselves...their parents ...relatives or their tastes. Or about religion. And they just post them anywhere. And then... the people that reply just say...I agree with the way that reminds me one day that me and a friend we were in taxi...and here we go....that gives way to another  tale of more writing about how good I am and how pleased I am that I know myself. 

Whenever I see someone writing a story or a tale I click and read it. But after a few lines I get dissapointed. If it was a funny story or a sad story or a neutral one. ¡¡¡¡ I got you Bee  ¡¡¡.  I dig it !!!  I But starting a post with the title " How to improve your relationships " and then write about how much you love your momma ...and your turtle pet not the point. Or at least someone set a hive " Show Offs " and please post them there. 

Please ..let s make interesting posts....funny or sad...or not interesting at all...Let the Bees decide with the " relevant " clicks. But dont use each and every post comment to enunciate what a nice person you are. It gets boring.

Peter van Doorn 12/10/2016 · #43

#22 Although I like beBee I do not mistake it for reality. In the limited time I spent here, I asked you two questions. Both times I got answers. Indirect answers.

Fed by some drama triangle. Thank you for not wasting my time here.

Social media equals real life? It just might.

Thanks again @Phil Friedman. I feel so good! I have no more questions to you. Peace for us both.

Milos Djukic 10/10/2016 · #42

#39 @Phil Friedman, I am a passionate devotee of the Muzak, just like all scientists and researchers, as you can clearly see based on my scientific article that I have sent you. That's why I was called you repeatedly Mr. No-Muzak , but too much of anything can make you an addict :) "Now we are free" here - a modern social media gladiator. However, some of us are "dead" right and hence free at last. No one was hurt, our weapon is the pen that can not cause body damage, but can bring elation and serenity, even tin strict accordance with the No-Muzak principle. That's what I want, my friend. "Showing Off", perhaps for the last time. Best, Milos

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Jim Murray 10/10/2016 · #40

This post kind of bothers me, because like Mark Anthony, I do not come across much in the way of insipidy here. But when you have been blogging and interacting on social media for long enough you develop an almost sixth sense about what something is going to be. And if you feel you're not going to like it, you have this thing called a scroll wheel. I'd hate to think that this post was trying to tell people what to write about. Or even suggesting that. Because that would defeat the whole purpose of this or any other social media site. There are zillions of posts on this site. Skip the shit. Read the good stuff. Comment if someone tweaks a nerve. It pretty simple. According to my pal Bob Hoffman 95% of all content gets ignored anyway. Our job is finding our 5%.

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Phil Friedman 9/10/2016 · #39

#38 Milos, I understand your point about everyone having his or her own reason for being active on social media. And I agree that we must not seek to limit anyone from exercising their personal expression, provided only that they are reasonably civil to others. (You know, "my rights end at the point they impinge on yours, etc., etc.)

However, tolerance of, and support for freedom of thought and expression does not preclude personal judgment, or the likewise free expression of that judgment. Just as it is your right to talk about Fractalism and be ultra-non-judgemental, it is mine to judge that Muzak is Muzak, and to say so. And if any devotee of Muzak out there wants to take exception to that,he or she is welcome to say so. :-) Cheers!

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Milos Djukic 9/10/2016 · #38

"The need to write in social media may be something quite abstract or very intimate, but also a source of money, success and fame. The essence is in balance. For example, I can not reveal why one should accuse those who might write out of necessity for a little spiritual exhibitionism only. The beauty of social media is primarily reflected through diversity and willingness to accept other people's views or motivations. Writing is a primal human need, as well as speech, art and communication. Let everyone writes for pleasure. Different things represent pleasure for different people After all, everyone chooses their motives and intentions.(money, profit, fame, reputation, ignorance, challenge, altruism, promotion, boredom, vanity, the fear of being irrelevant, illness, loneliness, spiritual exhibitionism, self-promotion…). I certainly think that any kind of generalization is not good, if not rather dangerous. We are not judges, nor are they accused. Luckily, there are people in social media for whom knowledge exchange is a pure pleasure or a necessary challenge." - from "What Makes Us Unique on Social Media" - LI long-form post published on December 28, 2014 (

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Brian McKenzie 9/10/2016 · #37
No happy kittens, sparkly rainbows, nor inspirational quotes - just the place for grumpy rants and gripes -

Phil Friedman 9/10/2016 · #36

#35 Brian, you need to post a link to the group. It is not showing up in my searches.

Brian McKenzie 9/10/2016 · #35

Join GrumblePot Hive, misery does indeed enjoy the company 😂

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