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The Exorcist.

( Just for laughs ..) Bear with the grammar kicking please

The Exorcist.

Today I read the comment about a new TV series.

The Exorcist... and I said to myself... The Exorcist? on television?.

Well…no way I'm going to see that...

I had horrible nightmares when I went to see it at the theater. And I saw it in Spain. Censored scenes and altered dialogue. They were the years of Franco and a girl that takes her mother head place it in her pubis and yell at her...!! Suck it.. That wasn't very well accepted. Nope.

Yes... I reckon that I had a really bad nights, for a while. All this in a religious school, where there were fierce arguments about the existence of the devil etc. And there was always someone saying with voice of Marlene Dietrich. ¡!! Have you seen what she did …Your cunting daughter!! . And bingo.. Another night that I woke up between groans and tremors!!!

Well... After all...I was just 14 years old. And I must say that I always get impressed in films. Also had me swimming at the shore, the summer of 75, when the movie Jaws came out. And I loved go underwater fishing, in the rocky areas, Cadiz ´s beaches. But with the "Shark"... no way dude!!!

Diving in the surf... everyone with water by the knees... and there I was asking permission... going with my mask, snorkel and fins... but to move from left to right... not into the depths which is what should be done...

But let go back to Linda Blair and the film in question. Fear... I had... fear seeing the Exorcist. But not that fear of horror film... that you cover your eyes, with slightly opened fingers to see a little bit.

No... Not... fear... fear for real. Scared enough to jump and throw yourself behind the sofa, giving you a head butt with the floor and do not complain or say a thing so that the family would not make you stand up. I was comfy there... behind the couch. Quiet. Who would make me pay attention to Kike and rent that film on VHS.

All because Kike enjoyed the film. In addition the kid, had the ability to roll the eyes completely white. I tried to it. But at the most that came was to look like Jerry Lewis.

Kike not... Kike put them in white and got goosebumps. Pure fear.

Not of Kike... Kike was a buddy... the film. Scared of girl in the Exorcist. <