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How to optimize Content & Social Media Marketing

How to optimize Content & Social Media Marketing

Inshan Meahjohn: In the new era of online marketing, innovation and working smart are two key ingredients that can take your business to another level of profitability. Recent industry reports show that online marketing and branding are trending across many business sectors. A wise man once said, "content is the king and customer is the kingmaker" and we couldn't agree more. Content and social media marketing have created new phenomena in marketing strategies and branding, as they allow businesses to create awareness and promote their brand directly to the customers. However, the online marketing trends are ever-changing, therefore, it is important for businesses to keep their eye on the changing trends and strategies.

Here are Four Content & Social Media Marketing Insights

(1) Monitoring the Performance

Many businesses put in significant effort and time into branding and marketing with the hope of getting positive sales results and increased revenue. Many companies, however, do not always know how to use social media platform for marketing which can lead to disappointment and failure. Therefore, it is important to measure the result of your marketing strategy and audience response, as your social media success is dependent on it. Various tools such as Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics, or your blog stats are very useful in analyzing your success and failures and your engagement with the audience. Furthermore, it also can aid you in planning and executing a new campaign.

(2) Client relationship

Communication is the key! Being a good listener is very important in marketing as we all know that acknowledgment is an important rule. Communicating with the right audience at the right time can increase website traffic and build brand image awareness with new and existing customers. It has been noted by business leaders that, ‘we don't acquire customers, we build long-term relationships'. Therefore, it would be instructive for companies to put these practices in place in order to grow business and increase its customer base.

(3) Social Media ads boost Business

If your business is not on social media, it means the company will be difficult to be found by the modern customer. Studies show that social media ads are very effective tools for sharing valuable information about your brand, product, and services. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform, it can assist you to connect with your target audience and you can easily catch their attention without much effort or cost.

(4) Public Relations

Public relations strategy plays a key role in promoting a brand around the world. It can improve your brand image and raise awareness by promoting your company news in online blogs, trade publications, and news outlets.

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