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Isabella Di Fabio - Design functionality on a web page

      Isabella Di Fabio - Design functionality on a web page

      The design of the site is a fundamental tool to attract users and the success that is obtained in many other aspects such as:

        • Promotion
        • Loading speed
        • Affinity of users
        • Among others

        Isabella Di Fabio - Design functionality on a web page

        It will depend to a great extent on the considerations made when designing.

        It is important to note that the design of the pages should be done thinking about the client and not the administrator, choosing carefully all the elements that are used and using only the resources necessary to communicate the desired message, achieving that the site has a simple appearance and not overloaded.

        Consistency in appearance and feel is important to maintain ensuring the same appearance and design on all pages

        The home page should give a general idea of ​​the site, as it is its fundamental entry point.

        It is the first thing users see and creates that first impression that is so important.

        It is there where it is determined whether to continue browsing the pages or to navigate to another more interesting place.

        Texts are significant elements within the design of the website. These contain most of the information provided, explanations and details of the elements that make up the site, constitute the main means of communication with the client.

        This is the fundamental reason for the texts to be chosen, revised and corrected in such a way that the ideas to be transmitted are reflected.

        For the presentation of the text, it is essential to know the type of font to be used in such a way that it can be read well regardless of the type of browser or operating system of the users.

        Isabella Di fabio - It is necessary to take into account the size of the text, which must be small and clear to allow quick reading.

        Therefore, it is recommended to use the division by sections of the page, which allows the user to read more about a topic without losing the attractiveness of the page.

        The implementation of images and graphics complements the information that you want to provide on the site. They constitute a fundamental tool since it provides the user with a visual criterion.

        Keep in mind that indiscriminate use can slow down the page loading process or cause visual stress. It is recommended to use images when really necessary to communicate the desired message.

        The format of images and graphics will depend on the structure in terms of colors and definition, different types can be selected, the most used are .jpg, .gif and .png, although there are some patterns, they are not always met in all cases. .

         It is recommended to record the images in the three formats and depending on the compromise between the aesthetic quality offered and the download speed of the page, choose which is the most appropriate.
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