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Graduation season - thoughts for middle schoolers and high schoolers looking to take the next leap.

Graduation season - thoughts for middle schoolers and high schoolers looking to take the next leap.

I have a talk with Nepris coming up pretty soon and I don't know what to do. I mean I know what to do, but I can't explain it incredibly well.

For example, I have ADHD, and I tend to make impulsive decisions that are sometimes crazy. Like the time I decided to just randomly graduate from high school a year early early. I had all the credits, so why not? But I was bored in my AP classes, and I was messing around with boys too much, and I was getting distracted from the Main Goal. But I had to make sure that I had all the credits ready, and plan for flexibility. The 4-year English requirement really got a lot of my friends who could graduate early. Or maybe they didn't want to graduate early.

Note 1. Know the rules. Figure out how to bend the rules. Enable flexibility in making choices.

Note 2. Know what the Main Goal is. Or at least know what your Main Goal is, and hopefully it isn't connected to your parent's Main Goal for you. Because you need to know how to make decisions at this point, and you get better at decision making by making decisions of all types. Including where to go to high school and college.

I couldn't have told you there was going to be an economic meltdown in 2010, the year I was supposed to graduate college when I graduated high school in 2005. I couldn't have told you that. If I could have told you that, you still wouldn't have believed me anyway. A lot of my classmates who graduated in 2010 ended up in some strange jobs. Like the ones that graduated from Stanford and Brown. I guess they didn't have strange jobs. But I can tell you that the Class of 2009 had better job uptake that the Class of 2010 (on average for law school, and averages tend to paint everything out anyway, including the outliers). I also couldn't have told you that I would have found my now-husband in the petroleum engineering department at Mines.