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How Mentorship Can Change an Entrepreneurs Trajectory

How Mentorship Can Change an Entrepreneurs Trajectory

Most entrepreneurs do not have a mentor, which is unfortunate. While there is value in learning through experience, it’s also important to avoid common pitfalls. This is best accomplished by having someone you can talk to about your business endeavors as an entrepreneur. In fact, having a mentor can literally change the trajectory of your business. Let’s review several ways in which mentors are beneficial to entrepreneurs.

Improves Chances of Success

A mentor can support a new entrepreneur in many different ways, including emotionally. In addition to providing feedback and guidance that an entrepreneur would not otherwise receive, they’re able to provide encouragement, which empowers the entrepreneur to continue moving forward, even when things get tough.

Boosts Confidence

It’s not easy to feel self-assured when you’re new at something, especially a business venture. A mentor can provide an entrepreneur with the reassurance that they are moving in the right direction, which can provide the confidence needed for continued momentum. Many times it’s self-doubt that thwarts the success of entrepreneurs.

Helps with Business Communication

Effective communication in business is imperative. By working with a mentor, an entrepreneur can learn to better communicate through experience. Being able to observe the communication style of a successful leader is something that can help an entrepreneur improve on their interactions within the business. This doesn't mean you shouldn't be authentic, because you should. It just gives you a chance to pick up on more effective ways to relay information.

Increases Networking Opportunities

Many successful leaders have an extensive network and enjoy making recommendations. This can be tremendously beneficial because who you know matters. It’s possible to make a few connections that will change the entire trajectory of your business and life. It's important to get and stay connected with other leaders.

Working with a mentor should be a priority for all entrepreneurs. If you take the time to seek out someone in your industry, you’re likely to find a leader that’s willing to spend a small amount of time mentoring you. Just make sure you respect their time by being prepared with questions and not taking anything for granted.

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Torrence Boone Oct 17, 2019 · #3

Couldn't agree more. To create an even better generation, we need to help those new to our industries succeed.

Justin Shimoon Oct 16, 2019 · #2

Great article!

Gordon Eberwein Oct 16, 2019 · #1

Thanks for sharing!