Itziar Ruiz López en beBee in English, beBee en Español, Social Media HR & Communications Manager • beBee 4/10/2016 · 5 min de lectura · 6,5K

My beBee Team!

This is my first beBee Producer in english. 

It's a pleasure for me to have a team like beBee. I've been working here for 3 months and I can just say that everything is amazing. My colleagues, the work environment, the birthdays, etc.

I'd like to introduce you to everyone in the office with their fun t-shirts on!
We'll start with....

                                                       Support & Quality 

Have you got any question about beBee? Don't you know how to publish a job offer? They are your team!

They moderate and capture content too. Adriana, Virginia and Cristina help spanish&english companies and users . 

Thiago and Breno work in the portuguese market.