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My beBee Team!

This is my first beBee Producer in english. 

It's a pleasure for me to have a team like beBee. I've been working here for 3 months and I can just say that everything is amazing. My colleagues, the work environment, the birthdays, etc.

I'd like to introduce you to everyone in the office with their fun t-shirts on!
We'll start with....

                                                       Support & Quality 

Have you got any question about beBee? Don't you know how to publish a job offer? They are your team!

They moderate and capture content too. Adriana, Virginia and Cristina help spanish&english companies and users . 

Thiago and Breno work in the portuguese market. 

Thank you for your "beest" attention!!

My beBee Team!

                                                                 (AdrianaThiagoCristinaBreno and Virginia)

                                                      Marketing Strategy  

They work as a content managers. They manage theirs natives social networks. It's the multicultural team!

- Cepee is from USA, she is the Marketing Startegy Team Manager. She works in the English market and t creates new strategies, etc.

- Marcos is Brazilian so he works in the Portuguese market. 

- Froilán (or Froi) is Spanish but he has a German soul

- Aleksandra is Russian, she is developing the Russian market, good job!

- Giampiero is Italian, he works in the Italian market.... maybe he can cook us a pizza, can't he?? 

- Laura  is Spanish, she works in the Spanish market with our Community Manager (i'll introduce him later on).

- Sophie is French although she has a Lebanese side

- Paul was ill today, I will take a pic of him when he returns, but... who is the man in the pic pretending to be Paul?! Paul has a clone... haha. He is from UK and works as PR and Content Manager in the English market

My beBee Team!

                                         (Marcos, Aleksandra, Froilán, Cepee, Giampiero, Laura, Sophie and Paul)

                                                         HR & Administration

- Netta is a 360. She works as Secretary, Office Manager and PA to CEO & President. When you arrive to beBee's Office, she is our happy face, always smiling! Thanks Netta.

- Miguel H is the CFO. He is inflexible.... with the numbers!

- And me, hi! I'm the HR Manager, I work with Miguel H in personnel administration, hiring, training, etc. 

My beBee Team!

                                                                                 (Itziar, Netta and Miguel H)

                                             Communications and Social Media

The Communications Department is a really creative team! They write articles, translate stories, set up media appearances, interview users and create all kinds of corporate material and communications strategies for beBee.

- Teresa is the half American half Spanish bee. She is the Communications Manager, but don’t worry she doesn’t sting!

- Sergio is the Spanish bee and he loves to write our press releases for Spain! If you need a recipe for Spanish fabada, he’s your man!

 - Tifany is from Brazil! She handles the Portuguese language and creates the copies of infographics every now and then. Oh, and she also loves samba.

- Chema takes care of social media and with all the new languages and community managers beBee’s incorporating he’s got a lot on his plate! He’s the funny bee in the hive.

My beBee Team!

                                   (Sergio, Teresa and Chema, Tifany wasn't in the office today, I will take her a pic!)

                                                Business Development & Mkt & PR

They work in the negotiation with agencies, advertisers and media; campaign optimization and results analysis. Development and management of online advertising campaigns strategies, events, etc.

- Marta C is the team director. She manages the strategies, the business development and marketing.

- María L is business developer. She works with Marta C. They both capture new business.

- Marta P. is the online campaign manager and makes sure that all campaigns go out properly.

- David and Vera are Campaign Manager Assistants they work together in campaign management. They make sure the campaigns go out everyday and make sure we get the campaigns done.

- Sara is responsible for events and brand contracting, she was ill today. Get better!

- Pepe is the Spanish PR, he is on holidays! Enjoy it!!

Our clients are the best, because they are the best!

My beBee Team!

                                                          (Marta C, María L, David, Marta P and Vera, Sara and Pepe weren't today)

                                                      Creative, Product & SEO

Who designs our new features of beBee? Do you want to know who the people behind beBee being at the top of Google?

- Fede is the QA and Affinity Manager. He dedicates his time to looking at how to better beBee through quality, product, recommendations and testing. He works hand to hand with Miriam.

- Sonia is web designer, she makes our beBee website and designs "pretty". She works hand to hand with María P. 

- Rafa is our SEO Manager. He makes sure we stay at the top of searches.

- Miriam is Product Manager. With Fede, they work in making beBee better for the users, they make functionality analysis and propose changes to the IT team. 

- Noel is the Creative Director. He designs everything that is needed. 

- Maria P is a web designer too. 

My beBee Team!                                                         (Fede, Sonia, Rafa, Miriam, Noel and María P.) 

Now it's time to introduce you the biggest department in the company..... 


I will part them in teams! But first I'm going to introduce you Daniel, Alberto Anaya and Jorge

- Daniel is our CIO.

- Alberto A. is our Development Manager.

- Jorge is our IT Infrastructure Manager.

My beBee Team!

Black team: System Administrators

My beBee Team!                                                                (Jorge, Rafa, Jonathan G., Jose and César)

Red Team: Back-end Developers

My beBee Team!                                           (Tamara, Alberto L., Ana M., Nico, Julián, Flavia and Iván)

Blue team: Front-end Developers

My beBee Team!                                                         (Miguel, Nacho, Laura, Víctor and Jonatan N.)

Purple team: Mobile Developers

My beBee Team!                                                                                     (Jose and Ana E.)

Yellow team: Back-end Developers

My beBee Team!                                                                  (Alejandro, Jaime, Ovidiu and Borja)

Orange Team: Big Data 

My beBee Team!                                                                (Samuel, Daniel, Ana A. and Moisés)

And finally, Alberto Anaya hasn't got photo, so here it's the best! (You're like a tourist hahaha) :)

My beBee Team!

And of course, I don't forget them....!

                                                                The Founders!

My beBee Team!                                                                                  (Juan and Javier)

Thank you for reading this buzz on Producer. I hope you can feel like a bee!!!!

~ be Professional. be Personal. be Successful ~

Judit González Pérez 16/5/2017 · #68

Who doesn´t want to be part of that team????!!! Congrats @Itziar Ruiz López for introduce the people, and also congrats @Javier 🐝 beBee:)

+2 +2

Nice team! I love the beBee logo. White shirts and beBee has a charming impact. Good job !

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Randy Keho 26/10/2016 · #66

Who reviewed the background checks for this bunch? You'd better run them through, again, just to be safe.

+4 +4
Paul Kearley🐝 26/10/2016 · #65

Great looking team of people trying to Bee-have.

+1 +1
Praveen Raj Gullepalli 20/10/2016 · #64

Wow what a bunch! And happy faces all! Great seeing them all in a single buzz Itziar! Thanks for the lovely introduction! :) My best wishes to all you warriors!

+3 +3
debasish majumder 20/10/2016 · #63

nice to learn about the team and its contribution to make a grand success! wish it may go on buzzing and miles ahead to cover to produce rich honey, voluminous, dazzling, soothing, enticing all for the hives to resort for a jocund company! thanks for a lovely share Itziar Ruiz Lopez.

+4 +4

@Itziar Ruiz López it looks like a great team - do you work in a falt structure? can people change jobs? adapt jobs? create new jobs?

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 7/10/2016 · #61

That's a lot of bees buzzing to keep us all engaging! What a happy looking team! Thanks to all of you for all the wonderful work you do to present us with this fabulous site! We all appreciate everything you do!

+3 +3