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Saas Application Building - Your Brief Guide Before You Start

Saas Application Building - Your Brief Guide Before You Start

Software as a service business model captures the technology market. In some cases, users no longer want to pay for monthly use of the application, do not want to download and install it on their devices, however, they are ready to consider the possibility of using only those functions that they really need for a more reasonable price.

This is what SaaS can offer to businesses and potential users. Therefore, in this article we decided to look at this business model in more detail, and also to explain some of the subtleties of creating applications according to this approach. Moreover, the Clockwise technical team shared comprehensive material on how to create a SaaS application - do not forget to look at it as well.

SaaS as a Business Model - What Can You Expect From It

If you still remember the time when the software was sold on physical disks, then it's time to forget about it. Technology has long made a significant breakthrough, so Saas platforms are hosted in the cloud. This is what gives users the ability to access the application from any device with an Internet connection.

Also, SaaS applications are delivered on an ongoing basis - your users no longer need to wait for updates, since everything happens automatically and remotely.

And of course, the pricing approach is also changing - the system of payment for a product has changed to a system of payment for use. That is, your customers can use only those functions that they really need - and not overpay for additional features.

Moreover, it is worth saying about reliability and safety. Since such an application is located on the cloud, it simultaneously means more innovative approaches to data safety and security, plus, even if one of the cloud servers crashes, your application will continue to work anyway.

Thus, SaaS applications can be characterized by two keywords - this is flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The Creation Process - What You Need to Take Into Account

This all sounds very good, but there are a number of subtleties and fundamental differences in creating a SaaS application from traditional software products. Here is a list of what you need to do before starting development.

  • You need to make sure that you can give users what they want

In fact, SaaS should be a product for a wide audience, that is, it should be something almost universal that fits perfectly with most business processes and real life. Moreover, you need to clearly understand that this business model implies constant customer service, improving their experience, plus you need to immediately think about the scalability when the user load reaches the first limit.

  • You need a reliable cloud provider

When all the calculations are done in the cloud, the application interacts with the user only at the time of data input and output. This means that you need a reliable cloud provider that will give you the necessary computing power, plus it will give data security guarantees. The most intuitive example of such a provider is Amazon Web Services. Moreover, the cost of the service is one of the most adequate on the market, plus there are many additional features for various business tasks.

  • You need competitors analysis

This is the classic stage in creating any SaaS startup, product or company - you cannot navigate the market without understanding the solutions that already exist. Competitive analysis will help you find a possible gap- and close it with your SaaS platform. The same applies to the analysis of potential target audience - you cannot move on without understanding their needs, pain points and expectations.

  • You need the right technologies

Now you will need to make a decision about the technologies used. And in general, in the case of the program as a service, the set of technologies can be quite standard.

  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript for front-end

  • Java Script or PHP with their frameworks for back-end

  • MySQL or PostgreSQL for data storage

  • Nginx or Apache as a server.

  • You need an experienced Saas app development partner

The list of technologies turned out to be simple and clear, but in practice, there may also be bottlenecks here. That is why you need a reliable development partner who already has experience in creating SaaS applications to cope with technical difficulties, to support and guide you at every stage.

When Saas Doesn't Fit

Despite all the advantages, there are cases when the traditional approach is more effective or reasonable. These are situations where users do not need to use your application on an ongoing basis, but use it from case to case - for example, convert files, resize photos and the like. Saas works well when there is a daily need for an application - most of us use Dropbox or Evernote every day. Or, you need to conduct a thorough analysis before starting development and be sure that your users are ready to switch to this model.

To the Question of the Cost

Any assessment that can be made at this stage will be indicative and preliminary. In short, the cost of SaaS MVP will range from $ 15,000 up to $ 35,000, while the cost of creating a full-fledged application can reach $ 100,000.

In addition, to a very large extent, the cost of the final result will be determined by the geographical location of the partner you choose for development. In this regard, you can conclude the most expensive deal with a development company from the USA - or you can save a lot by choosing developers from Asia. Eastern European countries are an ideal choice based on the correlation between price and quality

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