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The Best Strategies For New Startups And Small Businesses?

The Best Strategies For New Startups And Small Businesses?

According to an article written by Peter S. Cohan in Entrepreneur, titled "Does Your Startup Have a Strategy?", big company strategy is not the same as startup strategy”.

You would think this would be obvious as both situations require different approaches to reaching their stated objectives. But sadly this seems not to be the case, and the culprit of this confusion may lie in the literature on the subject.

Steve Blank, a founder or early employee in eight start-ups, stated on his website that “In the past, most business literature has treated the life cycle of corporations as if the practices that make sense for a large corporation were equally appropriate for a startup. They only differed in timing or scale”.

He argues “that as a scalable startup grows from a garage into a Google, it progresses through three distinct stages”. In the linked article he describes the first two stages as The Scalable Startup, and Metamorphosis – The Transition.

The first step comes from the recognition that what works for a startup will not work for a large and established company. This again would seem to be an obvious conclusion, from employee management to operating capital; their needs are as different as night and day!

Making the case that “Startups need different management principles, people and strategies than large established companies” he goes on to say that “Any advice that’s targeted to large established companies is irrelevant, distracting and potentially damaging in growing and managing a startup”.

Furthermore, he contends “If you would ask a startup CEO to create a diagram showing how their startup will