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4 Ways to Improve Communication Across Departments at Your Property

4 Ways to Improve Communication Across Departments at Your Property

“You did what?”

You snarl at your marketing manager.

Once again, the marketing team has oversold their sponsorships. This error attacks your budget. It forces you to be reactive.

But, what has you upset the most is that they decided to tell you this morning. The morning of the event. They’ve done this before, and you are tired of it.

“We need to fix this now,” you assert to Sarah, your marketing manager. She apologizes for the breakdown in communication. Her marketing specialist did not inform your team, but Sarah takes full responsibility.

“There has to be a way to improve communication throughout each department,” you say. The two of you begin formulating concepts.

You must first understand what’s causing communication challenges before you can address how to improve it.

Keep reading; this article will help you identify where there might be a breakdown. Then, you’ll learn how to fix it.

Conflicts Between Employees

When managers or staff are not speaking to each other, it makes it tough for others to communicate effectively.

Personal agendas and conflict prevent the team (and complete operation) from communicating effectively.

Communication Equals Time

Members of other teams may not take the time to share relevant information when they’re under pressure to complete tasks and deadlines within their department. When the pressure to produce is present, communication as a priority may not be present to them.

Communication Guidelines Have Gray Areas

The importance of documenting crucial details, processes and protocols are as important as tracking incidents.

Many times, procedures for interdepartmental communication are not outlined. But they need to be!

Geographical Separation

Effective communication among departments is challenging when they’re located on different floors or other buildings. Space can create obstacles.

Sharing crucial information may be less important to them than potentially making that dreaded trek to the top of the stadium where your office is. And knowing the chance of you truly being there is slim to none!

Four Stages for Improving Communication

We are aware you’re busy; that’s why we put together four short and useful steps to improve communication. You don’t have to wait for your next game to bring them into action either. You can start the process today.

  • Determine Vital Information
  • Build Relationsh