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How CMMS Software Improves Record Keeping

How CMMS Software Improves Record Keeping

“I promise you, we fixed this air handler less than six months ago,” Sheri, your engineer, asserts to you and your chief engineer, Tim.

“Where’s the paperwork on this,” you ask her.

Sheri stares at you in a state of confusion.

“I always give you and Tim the completed work order with my signature. You should have it,” she says.

You use pen and paper for record keeping. You’ve been doing it for as long as you can remember.

But, you’re not running an old property. ‘Change’ is past due, and today could not make it more visible to you.

“Would you agree it’s time to find a smarter way to track our work,” Tim asks you.

“We’ve got a good team here, but our solution for managing maintenance is outdated. This shortfall is not Sheri’s fault,” he continues.

“You’re right, it’s mine,” you interrupt.

Your team always passes their paperwork to either you or Tim and then it piles on your desk before being scanned into your maintenance system.

“Putting blame aside, we need to find a solution. Agree?” you ask Sheri and Tim.

“OK, let’s get it done,” you declare.

How are you keeping records of your maintenance? Does performing well become challenging because you have an old process for managing historical information?

Keep reading; we’ve got some data that might astonish you, and how you can leverage CMMS software to improve record keeping for your property maintenance.

A Shocking Truth About CMMS Software

You’re probably wondering what about maintenance software could be shocking. That’s fair to consider.

We’ll ask this question again: How are you keeping records of your maintenance?

If your response is pen and paper, then it’s a good thing you’re reading this article. The startling truth is that you’re not the only one.

We need to move you to the 21st century.

According to Software Advice’s Facilities Management Report on today’s software buyer, 23% of buyers looking for software are using pen and paper to manage their facility.

But, the results get even scarier.

The report also illustrates that 28% of buyers are not using anything at all. Well, that’s a problem – a big problem.

You need CMMS software to keep your property looking good and running smoothly. That’s why we put together today’s article.

It’s vital that we get this message across:

  • Pen and paper, spreadsheets or using nothing at all, need to be a concept of your

We can all agree that it’s time to move from legacy methods to progressive solutions that help you maximize performance.

This improvement leads to Proactive Operations for your property.

Shifting to Software Can Meet Your #1 Need

Now, after reviewing the report on last year’s buying habits, we knew we could help.

The next question is apparent.

We know what buyers no longer need. So, we asked, “What do buyers see as a need when reviewing a solution?”

According to the report, 35% of those looking to invest in CMMS software are challenged with finding ways to improve recording keeping.

Does this piece of data sound familiar?

What does it mean?

The #1 need, according to the study, is that facility managers just want a better way to manage records for services performed.

  • Work orders

Buyers want and need an efficient way to look at:

  • All work done throughout the facility
  • The equipment that work was performed for
  • Information whether it happened today or 12 months ago

These are critical components to the success of your operation and if you operate without this ability, crippling to your operation. But, software exists to overcome this challenge.

Are you ready to improve record keeping of your property’s maintenance?

The Brass Tacks of Better Record Keeping

This study gave us insight. We hope you find value in it too.

We’re sure that if you’re still using pen and paper, a spreadsheet, an older solution, or nothing at all – you’re grateful to have landed on this article.

The truth is, once you make the leap and put in the effort to organize your new solution, it pays off in the long run.

We get it; making a move to a new solution is a daunting project. But trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks of a solution that does record keeping like never before.

Use Software to Efficiently Manage Work Orders

You’ve got to make a move to a progressive solution.

If your system is not already ‘paperless,’ you’re in trouble. Our introduction scenario makes that clear.

It’s a serious challenge, which prevents you and your team from performing efficiently.

Does this sound familiar? “Our paperless system does X, Y, and Z. It makes our work orders easier to understand when we print them out.”

No. No. No!

We hear it all the time, and it stops us in our tracks.

Many leaders don’t realize until the moment we reiterate this to them that they’re still using outdated methods.

Handing work order information to your technicians on a printed document is not ‘paperless.’ It’s dangerous to your operation.

Even if the record came from a software solution – they are walking around with paper!

The progressive software lets you create, track, edit, and efficiently communicate work orders to your team.

  • Review all work order information from a single record: Equipment, Material, and Labor information are reviewable in one place.
  • Access the system from anywhere: No need to print work orders because your team can review the information in the system from their office computer.

The software keeps everything digital, which allows you to manage records better, but also review those documents today or months from now.

How’s this for improved record keeping?

Many of these systems supplement your ability to manage records with analytics and reports.

This capability takes record keeping a step further.

Rather than only reviewing a record on a single piece of equipment months ago, you can break down all work orders for similar pieces of equipment.

Evaluate what you want to see, and manage your entire operation from a robust solution. Batch valuable information or look at specific details.

It’s up to you!

Over to You

If you want improved record keeping, you can have it and a whole lot more. But, you must make a move to a modernized CMMS software today.

A digital platform for managing relevant records lets you see the information you need to see, the way you need to see it, and when.

What do you say, how about we move the percentages in an ‘improved’ direction?