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How Incident Management Systems Help Reduce Response Times

How Incident Management Systems Help Reduce Response Times

You look into the distance.

For a moment, you’re thoughtless. You stare out of the command center window into the adjacent parking lot.

Shouting relays throughout the command center. But, you remain quiet. The overwhelming sensation of helplessness has reached its peak.

You’re stressed. You’re tired.

Your operation is always chasing the next incident, and you need a solution to get you out of this mess.

You’re running a reactive operation, and you know it.

Then, as soon as your thoughts left your mind, they and the background noise crescendo. It’s back to the reality in front of you.

“We’ve got to triage and handle the high priority incidents right now,” you tell your team. “We’ve got to choose the most important at this point,” you continue.

Incidents are coming in through the radio but at a delayed rate. Your team responds to an incident and then another higher priority one is reported.

Your staff sees or hears of an incident several minutes after it has occurred. This shortfall makes it difficult to respond efficiently.

You’re at a disadvantage. Your teams are arriving on scene to incidents several minutes too late.

It’s leading to plenty of complaints. You’re already expecting Monday morning to be a nightmare.

You’re struggling. But, you’ve got to figure something out before your whole operation crumbles.

You don’t have a choice. This is your responsibility. You have to fix it.

What are you going to do?

You need an increase in awareness, better resource management, and to gain operational insight to reduce your response times to incidents.

We’re going to show you how incident management systems can help you accomplish this challenge.

We’re going to show you how to be proactive. Are you ready?

It All Starts With Awareness

Why do we hold awareness so high? You can’t manage, measure or improve what you don’t know exists.

You have incidents that occur all the time.

Depending on your current situation, responding to them ca