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How Innovative Is Your "Innovative" Solution?

How Innovative Is Your "Innovative" Solution?

“Finally, we can say ‘farewell’ to our legacy system,” you exclaim.

Your department heads seated around the conference table smile and nod.

Today’s a big day for your team. You’ve been using the same systems on your property since its opening in 1996.

Every piece of technology used for your property’s operation is a legacy system. From your maintenance software to the spreadsheet used for managing operational incidents.

You knew it was time to advance your operation. But, your biggest fear was being replaced.

You’ve been running this property since it opened, and if nothing changed – you were next in line for ‘replacement.’

You want to create an ever-lasting legacy, not depart as a legacy leader known for complacency and out-of-date methods.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of progressive solutions available. Plenty of systems surpass the functionality of your curr