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How to Cut Response Times With Incident Management Software

How to Cut Response Times With Incident Management Software

“It takes too long for us to respond to incidents on the other side of the property,” you mumble to yourself.

You’re struggling with your operation’s response times to incidents.

But, you don’t know how to resolve it.

You’re open to asking for help – but, you don’t know who to ask.

You know for a fact that there’s a problem but can’t seem to put your finger on a solution.

“Why are we taking so long to get from incident to issue to another incident?” you ask yourself.

This conundrum is exhausting. You’re ready to walk off a cliff in frustration but aren’t going to give up so easily.

You just want a way to answer the equation for response times, right?

Everyone would see you as the proactive leader you know you are. But, where do you even start?

This part is where we can help.

There is one solution that contains the requisites for faster response times to incidents that occur throughout your property.

The solution is incident management software.

It’ll help you better manage your operation so you can understand what it takes to reduce response times.

Keep reading; in today’s article, we’re going to show you how to cut your response times with purpose and results you’ll notice.

Awareness Is the Cornerstone for Faster Response

Why do we hold awareness so high? You can’t manage, measure or improve what you don’t know exists.

You have incidents that occur all the time. Depending on your current situation, responding to them can take a little longer than you’d like.


What about the reports and all the complaints you get on the following day or days later that you never knew about previously or on event day?

  • A scuffle outside of your arena gates occurred after the game and none of your officers responded in time. They responded once the suspects already left the scene.
  • Several car thefts occurred in your VIP parking lot during the game. Not only do you find out about this the next day, but you also learn the designated guard was not manning her post the entire game because she was responding to random issues throughout the day.
  • No one responded to a season ticket holder in the parking lot after her elderly father slipped on a pudd