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How to Efficiently Manage Incidents With Guests

How to Efficiently Manage Incidents With Guests

You walk into the Administration office.

“Where are we at,” you ask your team. Last night’s event was massive.

The size of the event was more than your team is used to managing. The number of issues and incidents captured was overwhelming by your operational standards.

Today your team is inundated because of all the files to review. “Incident #1023 is missing,” one of your operation coordinators shouts as you walk by their cubicle.

You pick up your pace, walk into your office and shut the door. It’s only 9 AM, and you’re already anxious about today’s call with your vice president.

After telling yourself that everyone will have to spend today sorting through the files, you run out the door to gather your team and share the game plan.

“Hey team, stop what you’re doing for a moment and let’s get a strategy together for getting through this day,” you yell across the office.

Immediate silence takes over because they’ve been waiting for you to provide them a solution.

Everyone in the office turns with a troubled look on their faces. You find out why quickly.

The phones are ringing off the hook. “What’s going on?” you ask your operations manager, Brian.

“Guests from last night, especially VIPs are calling to discuss the brawl that ‘ruined their night’ on the suite floor,” he responds. “Guests want to review and discuss the incidents from last night but everything is so disorganized we just can’t provide the information they request.”

Now, you’re panicking. You need a solution or you’ll lose your suite holders.

How would you handle this at your property? Do you have the ability to effectively communicate information about incidents with your guests when they call to discuss?

Keep reading; we have a simple yet powerful fix for your documentation needs. Today, you’ll learn about the robust documentation capabilities of an incident management system.

You’re going to learn how to review and discuss incidents with guests efficiently. Are you ready?

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