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How to Proactively Manage Guest Requests

How to Proactively Manage Guest Requests

“Our largest event of the year is today,” you tell your staff.

Your guest-to-staff ratio is 15:1.

In no time, the incident calls immediately start coming into the command center.

You’re receiving eight to 10 guest requests between each incident call.

Suite guests have multiple food and beverage requests – one after another. Wheelchair requests are coming in with no end in sight.

Your team is challenged with mitigating the high frequency of incidents occurring. But, your staff is also struggling to handle the guest requests coming in through the radio.

The calls are so backed up people are complaining.

Some of your guests have left in anger and frustration.

There’s no differentiation between communication for incidents or guest requests.

Incident calls are taking priority and so wheelchairs aren’t making it to your guests. VIPs aren’t receiving their food or drink, and housekeeping is running behind, so there are unattended wet spills looming.

Routing all calls through one individual is creating chaos.

Your operation is breaking down when it should be moving proactively.

This shortfall leaves you feeling helpless.

What do you do? How do you come back from this?

Great questions.

We’re going to show you.

Maximum Performance Results in First-Class Service

Are you and your staff responding to various incidents while simultaneously trying to maintain your secondary operations?

  • Medical situations
  • Fights
  • Drunk people
  • Wet spills

Properties like yours require staff to handle incidents and staff to answer the many guest requests ranging from wheelchair to food service requests.

Efficiently responding to them can become problematic, especially when they’re coming in through radio traffic, in person, or guests are calling them into the command center direct.

Request calls get mixed in with high-priority incidents!

This drawback results in many overlooked requests.

Does this sound familiar?

Your guests then perceive a low customer service standard.

What happens then? You got it. They don’t come back! 

  • Requests are overlooked.
  • Needs aren’t being met.

They’re sent but never dispatched to appropriate teams.

It’s your job to deliver a memorable, safe experience for your guests.

But, are you?

The experience you deliver will ei