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“In 2005, shortly after earning a master's degree in electrical and computer engineering, Sam Cape was looking for work online when he came across a cryptic help wanted ad,” writes Allyson McCabe in their recent NPR article entitled “Like Magic: The Tech That Goes Into Making Money Harder To Fake.”

“At his interview, he was shown something that blew his mind. Cape says it looked like film but was three-dimensional and appeared to be moving. It was, in fact, a prototype of a micro-optics technology he would go on to refine as the director of research and development for Massachusetts-based Crane Currency,” McCabe continues.

According to the NPR piece, “Cape says the technology uses microscopic lenses so tiny you can fit about a dozen of them on the tip of a human hair. Nearly 1 million of these lenses are used to magnify underlying microimages on each of the newest $100 bills. The result is a visual illusion that looks a bit like the old 3-D tilt cards you might find inside a box of Cracker Jack.”

Incredible, right? We could not agree more.

But, it’s not the technology itself that caught our attention.

It’s what it does that drew us in – its purpose.

“This may sound like something out of Harry Potter, but the new technology serves a very practical purpose: the deterrence of counterfeiting. To thwart would-be counterfeiters in the Colonial era, Ben Franklin himself made currency notes cast from the distinctive patterns of real sage leaves. It has become a lot harder to keep up with the bad guys — especially in recent years,” explains McCabe.

We too understand the struggle of staying ahead of the ‘bad guys’ when running an operation.

Cape’s technology is undoubtedly a “magical” deterrent to counterfeiting, though.

Do you agree?

We like technology, and we also love deterrents – especially when it comes to property operations.

Yes, Technology is only one of three aspects of the Proactive Operations methodology. But, it can skyrocket your performance beyond what people alone can achieve.

You know, just like magic.


We usually talk about all three areas of Proactive Operations.

  • Strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology

But, for today, we’re going to focus on Technology.

Why? It’s the aspect of your operation that genuinely augments it. It takes performance to the next level.

Consider this for a moment:

  • Your strategy changes based on your operational needs. It’s dependent on available resources and how well you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Infrastructure is a foundation of how your information flows throughout your operation. It can change based on staffing, but the structure will generally remain constant. The most significant change might be your staff, right? They come and go. That’s expected.

Technology is different.

It takes your current state and immediately enhances everything in real time. It’s the magic in your proactive operation – a superpower for property operations.

Yes, it must be used. But, the positive results are exponential as you put more