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Mall Attacker Demonstrates Need for Proactive Operations

Mall Attacker Demonstrates Need for Proactive Operations

Jason rattles the rear entrance door.

“It’s locked,” he says through the radio.

“10-4,” you respond. “You’re OK to head out,” you tell Jason.

It’s a slow Saturday night. Usually, the last rush comes in around 6 PM, but you’ve already passed that point.

Jason throws his equipment in his locker, puts his radio on the charger, and says his final farewell as he leaves for the evening.

Now, it’s only you and three other security guards to cover the mall.

You’re the security manager on duty tonight, which means the two other guards automatically get the short straws. They’re stuck walking the mall until close.

You always choose camera duty. It’s your favorite part of the job because it gives you a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening.

But, tonight takes a turn for the worse.

You catch a quick glimpse of a knife-wielding man on one of the cameras near the Macy’s entrance.

“Oh, no,” you scream.

He’s approaching people, and from what you can see he has stabbed a few.

One person.

Now, another person is injured.

You struggle to grab your radio. “Man with a knife at Macy’s entrance run,” you yell through the radio.

Five people attacked.

9-1-1 you rush to dial on your phone as you run out of the command center and into the mall.

Ten people attacked.

How would your mall security operation handle this scenario? Would you be able to manage this? Could this attack have been mitigated?

20-Year Old Man Stabs Nine People in Minnesota Mall

Five minutes of terror occurred this Saturday in a Minnesota mall when, according to a recent article by Steve Karnowski and Amy Forliti of the Associated Press,” Dahir Ahmed Adan put on a security guard uniform and went into a central Minnesota mall armed with what appeared to be a kitchen knife. In an attack that took just minutes, he injured ten people before he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer.”

According to statements made by St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson, “the attacker began stabbing people right after entering the mall. The victims included eight men, one woman, and a 15-year-old girl.”

The article continues, “Those who know Adan, 20, say he was a calm, cool guy with a good head on his shoulders. They are trying to come to terms with what happened and figure out wha