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Prepare Your Airport for a Machete-Wielding Man

Prepare Your Airport for a Machete-Wielding Man

According to a recent CNN Wire article, “An interminable TSA airport line descended into a horror as a man unleashed streams of wasp spray onto scrambling travelers and swung a machete at people before bolting through a security line.”

The article continues, “Newly released video — obtained by the New Orleans Advocate — shows the first moments of the March 2015 attack at the city’s airport which ended with the shooting of the machete-wielding man. The attacker later died from three bullet wounds inflicted by a sheriff’s lieutenant.”

CNN’s article contains a video that shows how the incident unfolded.

The article states that “in the video, the man — identified as Richard White, 63 — is seen at the top of the frame as he calmly walks up to a line of travelers at a TSA checkpoint at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.”

How would your airport respond to this? How would you want this handled?

Could your airport mitigate this situation effectively?

Incident Management Solutions Help Mitigate the Impact

We’ve got a way for your operation to be ready for any incident – whether it’s a slip and fall or a man running through security lines with a machete.

You must deploy an incident management system (IMS).

You must do it to be proactive. Without one, your team struggles.

They react to incidents based on training they “remember.” You are left trying to figure things out as you go.

Think about it.

You probably don’t have a scenario in your training that unfolds like this (Well, now you do.):

“He pulls a can of wasp spray from a bag and unleashes streams onto travelers as people begin to disperse. The man is then seen pulling a machete from his waistband and swinging its blade at people standing in line.”

If this occurred at your airport – visitors would be scared and helpless!

As the professional charged with everyone’s safety, how does that make you feel?

You have a problem to confront head on:

  • Not being prepared or able to respond proactively to mild or severe incidents that occur at your airport.

We get it; it can be overwhelming when you don’t have a solution in place.

If a machete-wielding man rushed through your TSA line, th