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The Guard Tour System Proactive Operations Use

The Guard Tour System Proactive Operations Use

“Here’s our problem,” you shout.

“We’re always picking up the pieces,” you tell Chris, your director of public safety. “We’re never ahead of the game,” you continue.

“It’s because we’re running an outdated system that runs from software on the first computer I used in my first year here,” he responds.

“The wands don’t even work that well either. They’re always crashing on our guards,” he explains.

“We’re always running in ‘reactive mode,'” he snarls.

You look at him with intense interest. “What do you mean?” you ask.

“Poor documentation, time-stamping technology, no accountability, high turnover of staff, and the inability to capture critical information on the fly,” he explains.

Now, you’re frustrated with yourself because he’s approached you about upgrading your guard tour system in the past.

But, you didn’t listen.

You understand the challenges of running a legacy system. So, today you choose to implement a proactive, web-based system at your facility.  

Let’s move your operation to the type of guard tour system proactive operations use.

The Shortfalls With Your Current Guard Tour System

Do you know what’s missing from your current system?

We’re sure Chris knows, which is why he’s ready to get started.

All of the faults in your current system don’t exist in a progressive, web-based system. Modern systems eliminate the problems of old systems.

This natural evolution is how value is created in proactive solutions.

You must be proactive – it saves you time, money, and reduces everyone’s stress.

So, let’s consider the shortfalls of your current system?

  • How effective do you think your system is?
  • Do you still use a wand system?
  • Are you relying on pen and paper to capture critical information?
  • Is your “solution” used via software installed on your legacy desktop computer?
  • How flexible is your system?

These questions are only meant to get you started.

We’ve narrowed down the Strategy aspect of Proactive Operations – to your inspection operation. An effective methodology is always scalable.

Utilize it to expose operational weaknesses and prepare for your shift to a proactive operation.

The Characteristics of Proactive Guard