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The Importance of Using Text Communication for Your Property

The Importance of Using Text Communication for Your Property

“Today has been a nightmare,” you whisper to yourself right before you take a deep breath.

It’s the Monday after your first home game of the year.

“Did we run a marathon today,” you ask your operations manager sarcastically. You’re both exhausted from today’s crisis management.

“The calls and complaints won’t end,” Terri tells you.

Several incidents took place that you’re only learning about now. Too many incidents.

This lack of awareness is unacceptable, but you can’t figure out how to counter this issue.

You run through what you know:

  • We have plenty of resources
  • We use an incident management system
  • All teams arrive on scene quickly

You continue to talk through your process to figure out the issue.

You know something is missing.

“How do we increase our awareness of these incidents,” you turn and ask Terri.

But, Terri doesn’t answer because she’s being scolded through the phone by an unhappy season ticket holder.

“Do you guys live in the 90s? Why don’t you get a text system already?”

Terri gives you a look. “That’s it,” she exclaims.

Your current operation is limited.

Although you may have all the tools to respond to issues and incidents efficiently, incidents and guest issues simply may not be coming into your system.  

Think about how information currently gets reported and realize that your guests may not have a convenient way to report information to you during the event.

Hence the surge of complaints after the fact.

You need to use text communication to increase your awareness.

Proactive Operations use these solutions to help mitigate incidents as they occur. Are you ready to be proactive?

You're at a Disadvantage Without Text Communication

You look at your response time reports each evening. Things look good.

Since implementing your incident management system, your teams are communicating and getting to incidents quicker than before you implemented this advanced technology.

Here’s the problem, though: you can’t manage what you don’t know exists.

It puts you at a disadvantage.

Yes, you’re responding efficiently to the incidents that do come into the incident management system. But, that’s not everything that’s occurring, is it?

You’re not aware of everything that slips through the cracks because you have a deficiency in your operation. Your ‘awareness’ is either nonexistent or limited.

You find out about issues or incidents the next morning. But it’s already too late, right?

  • Do you see a decline in attendance?
  • Do you see an increase in morning-after complaint calls?
  • How do your loyal season ticket holders respond?
  • How does this affect your bottom line?
  • Does your boss know there’s a solution to solve this that you’re not using?

You’re at an acute disadvantage because you’re unaware of what’s happening on your property:

Do these scenarios sound familiar? If not, that’s because they’re occurring and you’re not aware of any of it!

We’re sure the list goes on and on too.

This problem can be solved. It needs to change.

You must implement a texting solution to increase your awareness.

More Eyes Enhances Proactive Operations

Yes, your staffing levels are acceptable.

You have enough security personnel, police, medical, and ushers to manage their posts.

Your operations team oversees the incident management process, and they’re excellent at ensuring everyone responds to incidents efficiently.

You’ve got everything you need to manage your issues and incidents.

But, now you need something more. You need to have a proactive solution.

Implement text communication, which lets you take advantage of the thousands of eyes throughout your property.

That’s right; now your guests add to the safety and security of your property. You empower them to contribute to the safety of their family and others.

Text communication helps you, your staff, and guests mitigate incidents that occur on your property as they are happening.

This ability shouldn’t be taken lightly either.

Even better is the cost of these solutions are minimal to implement compared to the cost of running your event or struggling with liability suits because of missed issues or incidents.

Save time and money, but also understand the long-term impact using an easy-to-use solution has on your operation.

A Simple Process for Increased Awareness

Implement the text system, display signage throughout your property, and watch how quickly the messages start rolling into your software:

  • A guest sends a text message with vital information and location details of an incident happening now: “Fight in section 102 row GG.”
  • The color-coded visual representation of every message by status (new, pending, closed) lets your team respond to the high priority issue without delay.
  • Your team sends the incident to your incident management system, identifies appropriate resources, and communicates it to the need-to-know responders.

The chances are that you would have never known about this incident prior.

Proactive Operations understand how powerful these solutions are.

But, you must realize that they are only as effective as the teams using them. This point is critical.

Your team must be determined to deliver an exceptional experience for guests. If they drop the ball, then the whole operation suffers.

  • Text messages are overlooked
  • Incidents slip through the cracks
  • Staff don’t do their job and don’t get caught
  • Upset guests call and complain the next morning
  • Your boss blames you for everything

You don’t want or need this negative ripple effect. You need Proactive Operations. A texting solution is your answer.

(Do you need ideas on how to promote your system to guests? We’ve put together a comprehensive eBook on all the ways you can promote your system, which you can access here.)

Analysis Can Help You Improve & Optimize

We value data.

So, we can never stress enough the importance of analyzing data to manage how your system helps awareness of issues and incidents better.

Not only can you address the increased number of incidents reported, but you can also use this information to reduce response times.

Your increased awareness positively impacts the other areas of your operation. You have useful data, which helps you make more informed operational decisions.

Do you see the importance, now?

Over to You

Take a look at your operation.

Are you catching everything that happens? Probably not, right?

Step up your ‘awareness.’ Implement text communication to improve your ability to find out about incidents before they are no longer manageable. Increase your guests’ experience by giving them an easy, barrier-free way to report incidents and issues directly to you as they are happening!