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Win the Nobel Prize for Proactive Operations

Win the Nobel Prize for Proactive Operations

You’ve worked hard.

It’s been over a decade since you started working in your field.

“When I was thirteen I started as a hawker for little league baseball games,” you always tell your kids.

It takes hard work and dedication to become a general manager of a renowned sports venue. But, you’ve persevered and made it to the top of your game.

From hiring staff to putting in operational policies, you’ve done it all. You’ve put in the hours – and years – necessary to gain the respect of your industry peers.

But, while you might’ve put in the time to prove your ‘experience,’ have you tested your abilities as a leader.

Have you reached the highest level? Or, do you believe you can get better?

Just because you’ve done something for ten years (or more), doesn’t mean you’re doing it right or as good as you could be doing it.

Do you agree?

Now, we don’t want to be shortsighted. We know you’re successful. We’re aware you care.

But, we also don’t want you to overlook the potential for stepping up your game.

We’re always asking ourselves, “What’s next?” You must too. There’s always something to learn and a new way to perfect your operation

We want you to run one of the world’s greatest properties. That’s what we've always wanted.

We want you to win the Nobel Prize for…

Proactive Operations!

Nobel Prize for Chemistry Awarded to Molecular Scientists

“The 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry has been awarded to three European molecular scientists who developed the world's smallest machines,” according to Angela Dewan’s latest CNN article.

The prize went to Jean-Pierre Sauvage of the University of Strasbourg in France; Sir James Fraser Stoddart of Northwestern University in the United States; and Bernard L Feringa of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands for the "design and synthesis of molecular machines,” Angela’s article continues.

According to the article, “The men, who have researched both independently and with each other, will share the 8 million kronor ($933,000) prize between them.”

Receiving the Nobel Prize, as you probably already know, is a highly regarded award. The prize money is only a bonus to the recognition.

How would you feel if you were recognized for the Nobel Prize?

Starting today, you have your chance. We’d like you to strive for your “Nobel Prize” of sorts.

One where you take your