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You Need a Unified Solution (Not Individual Tools)

You Need a Unified Solution (Not Individual Tools)

You oversee all operations for your property.

Besides your family, it’s your life.

You believe you’re excellent at it too. But, you always feel like you hit too many bottlenecks when trying to get work done.

Since you run the entire operation, from concessions to security, you have a lot of moving parts to keep your eyes on day to day.

This responsibility makes it difficult to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Your security team uses software for their guard tours.

Public safety uses another system – you can’t remember the name – for managing issues, incidents, and other miscellaneous requests that happen throughout the property.

Not to mention, your engineering team requires your team to write up a work order and then forward it to them. Then, they enter the work order into their CMMS software.

We counted three different systems right there. Each different system sends you a separate report, formatted a different way, and each has their faults that you must overcome each week to assess the information.

How is this efficient in any way? It’s not.

You’re using too many ‘tools’ to run your property.

This strategy is dangerous because it leads to significant inefficiencies that affect your guests, bottom line, and your job.

But, the good news is you can change the course of the future. You can control the effectiveness of your operation.

You no longer need multiple tools – you only need a unified solution to achieve Proactive Operations.

Merge to One Unified Solution

The not-so-secret recipe to implementing Proactive Operations throughout your property is your ability to be proactive.

Obvious? Then, why are so many operations still struggling to achieve this?

The answer: you’re using too many different software tools to run your property’s operations.

How proactive can a team be when your technology is causing you to overextend yourself and ultimately break down from