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What Would Your Perfect Social Media Tool Look Like?

What Would Your Perfect Social Media Tool Look Like?

As social media marketers, we're blessed. There's a ton of tools that help to streamline and augment our working day - from editing, to publishing, to analytics - we're pretty much catered for one way or another. 

And yet.

While there are some absolute 'must have' tools that I use daily, I can't help feeling that I'd really rather not have a stack but one tool that does everything, exactly the way I want it to. 

I know it's a personal thing - what works for me may not for you, etc. But I'm definitely in a place where I chop and change tools as soon as I hit a functionality bump in the road (though often I'll come back to a discarded tool because it does almost everything I want)

Ok, I'm waffling. Here's an example: 

Recently, I thought I'd found 'the one'. Ostensibly, it had everything. 

  • Publishing
  • Monitoring
  • Scheduling
  • an auto-re-queuing system for just-posted content so it can be auto-posted again a later date
  • a place to drop RSS feed content into the queue. 

So, I'm trialling the tool and thinking that, yes, this has everything. So I merrily take out a subscription (a monthly one, most of the tools available won't tie you to a contract, which is fantastic!) and I spend the next few hours inputting schedules for the 10 or so channels I run, tagging RSS feeds to the relevant channels and all the other fairly dull minutiae that comes with social media admin. 

That done, I run the tool for a few days and then I discover that a piece of content due to go out needs to move back an hour to accommodate a more important piece. 

'No problem I'll just drag and drop it below the.... Noooooooooo!'

There's no option for this, so I need to go in and manually change the time for each scheduled piece of content. I discover while doing this that there's a knock-on effect as I'll need to reschedule a number of other pieces, too. 

The previous tool had this as standard which made it super easy to move scheduled content around when need be. However, the previous tool didn't have a re-queuing system. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the tool I currently use, but it seems there's always something that doesn't make me 100% give myself over to it. 

Have you found the perfect social media tools for you, and if you haven't, what would the perfect one look like? 

Meanwhile for me, the search continues....