Mattress Buyer's Guide [Infographic]

Mattress Buying Guide Tips - 2017

We all know that the importance of sleeping and we’ve all experienced the feeling of being refreshed after a perfect night’s sleep – and the feeling of tiredness after a night mare’s sleep because of the old mattresses. We recognize that the mattresses are very essential factor that makes a good sleep.

Here are the below questionnaires you need to consider before buying any mattress.

1. Do I need a new mattress?

Yes, if your mattress is more than 6 years old.

2. What size do I need?

  • Diwan (30") and Single (35", 36") for one child or one teenager sleeper.
  • Super Single (42", 44") & Double (48") will accommodate a single adult, child or teenager. 
  • The Queen (60") & Super Queen (66") are the most popular sizes sold. It is ideal for two adults or couples. 
  • King (70", 72", 75") size mattresses for maximum amount of sleeping space. For couples requiring even more space, Big King (78", 80") and Super King (84") sizes too are available.

3. What type should I buy?

4. Where can I buy?

Physical Store - Checkout your nearest retail store for prices and get a live demo.

Factory Outlet - You can also visit factory outlet that reduce middle man cost.

Online Store - Checkout those prices stated in physical & factory outlet for the exact models with online mattress store to get hassle free deliveries.

Let’s have a look on the infographic for a clear view on mattress buying guide that definitely helps you to choose the best mattress based on your comfort level with no confusions.

Mattress Buyer's Guide [Infographic]

Praveen Kumar Jul 28, 2017 · #1

Hi james adamcs

Nice Post! Iam searching for best online mattress store and mattress types this post gave me clear idea about mattress and its types.