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Are You Looking for the Best Things To Do in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA?

Are You Looking for the Best Things To Do in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA?

Are you looking for the best things to do in New Orleans? 

Well then this is the travel guide to New Orleans for you. We start with the top 10 Things To Do. Check off as many of these recommendations as you can squeeze into your visit. We cover the must visit places in New Orleans and the must see things in New Orleans. 

Our next list of suggestions is organized by neighborhood, so you can group together activities based on WHERE Y'AT or where you plan to be. Are you looking for New Orleans main attractions? We have those along with the cool places in New Orleans and the top things to do in NOLA. 


Here is a teaser of our Top 10 List.

What Are The Top 10 Things To Do in New Orleans?

1. Café du Monde

800 Decatur Street, 1-504-525-4544, cafedumonde.com

From beignets to café au lait, Café du Monde in the French Quarter is a New Orleans tradition. This is one of the must visit places in New Orleans. Their coffee is made with chicory - a roasted root from a plant in the radish family. 

Blending chicory into coffee is a tradition that started in France many years ago as a way of stretching coffee reserves during times of shortage. Chicory is delicious but very strong. 

Chicory coffee is served au lait mixed 50/50 with hot milk. It's creamy & bold and most delicious. 

Beignets are the traditional accompaniment, they are delicious deep fried mounds of dough served warm with piles of powdered sugar on top. 

Be forewarned, that powdered sugar gets everywhere, especially on your nose and your upper lip. 

If you're wearing black clothes, you're doomed! One order of beignets equals three of these delicious hot fritters. 

Seat yourself. Pay when your order is delivered to your table. 

Enjoy the live music from the street performers stationed just outside the railing of this perfect coffee stand. 

And be sure to take a Café du Monde Selfie, preferably with powdered sugar on your face. 

2. Central Grocery

923 Decatur Street, 1-504-523-1620, centralgrocery.com

You haven't truly been to New Orleans until you've had a muffuletta sandwich from the Central Grocery for lunch. This is one of the top things to do in NOLA.

Home of the Original Muffuletta, the Central Grocery in the French Quarter opened in 1906 and has been run by three generations of the Lupo family who emigrated from Sicily. 

The muffuletta sandwich consists of a round loaf of muffuletta bread split in half horizontally and then layered with salami, ham, Swiss cheese, provolone, mortadella and a marinated muffuletta-style olive salad. 

If you have room for dessert and you're feeling adventurous, try the chocolate-covered grasshoppers. Crunchy! 

3. Pat O'Brien's Bar

718 St Peter Street, 1-504-525-4823, patobriens.com

Since 1933, Pat O'Brien's Bar in the French Quarter has been making people happy with their originality. This is one of the cool places in New Orleans, so be sure to check it out.

It's home to the Original Flaming Fountain (located in the courtyard) and to the Original Dueling Pianos (in the piano bar) featuring twin dueling pianos where local entertainers take requests. 

Pat O'Brien's also created the Original Hurricane Cocktail. It's a rum based drink served in a hurricane glass that's shaped like a hurricane lamp. Tasty and delicious, this is a must do in New Orleans.

Go! You'll have a fun time.

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