Some General Applications of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles That You Did Not Know Of

Nanoparticles have been in existence throughout the history of our world. They are even produced by some organisms. But engineered ones like Titanium Nanoparticles which are manmade are relatively new. In the last couple of decades, the nanotechnology has grown rapidly and developed many engineered nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are being used by the industry in many products which we use in our everyday life. Nevertheless, most of the people are not really aware of this and are still of the opinion that nanotechnology and nanoparticles are matters of science fiction.

The widespread use of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in cosmetics, personal care products, processed foods, and supplements has raised some concern among concerned groups. Though the studies have so far indicated it to be safe.

Some General Applications of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles That You Did Not Know Of

Food Industry

The largest concentration of Titanium dioxide is found in candy as well as chewing gum. It is also used in yogurt, cottage cheese, processed meats, condiments, and snack foods. One-third of all titanium dioxide used in the food industry is in the form of nanoparticles. Titanium dioxide is mainly used in food products to avoid UV light penetration into food which increases its shelf life.


Titanium dioxide is used in pigment grade in some cosmetics to brighten skin and aid in hiding of blemishes. It is also used in the form of thin layer of coating in makeup products. It is used as a barrier of UVA and UVB light in sunscreen lotions and creams.


Titanium nanoparticles are used in the automotive industry as a supporting material for catalyst application. It helps remove harmful gases that are present in the exhaust emissions like nitrous oxides. It is also used to remove polluting gases from the environment.


The photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide are used in destroying the membranes of cells, proteins of viruses, restraining the activation of viruses and aids in catching them. It kills the bacteria like suppuration bacillus, golden grape coccus, coliform etc. It is also used in sterilization.

Personal care products

It is extensively used