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Top tips to select the best memorial stone for your lost pet

To some people, the loss of a pet is no less than a family member passing away. Sometimes it can create an immense emptiness in their lives. One of the things that give closure to this feeling and overcome grief is to have headstones placed over the grave of the pet. Memorial stones for dogs are an excellent way to immortalize their loss. Headstones can be personalized by itching your memories and love on the stone. It is one of the most loving tributes that is given to the pet.

The memorial stones for pets come in different varieties. Let us see the available options to choose the best memorial headstone for the loving pet that has passed away.

Top tips to select the best memorial stone for your lost pet

Material – the pet memorial stones come in different materials. It could be plain stone, granite, natural rock, natural looking poly resin, resilient resin, tough concrete, cement resin mix etc. You must choose an all-weather resistant memorial stone that will last long.

Markers- you can opt for a pet memorial marker. These markers are made from granite and itching can be done as per your preference. It could be the portrait of your pet or a message in memory, or just the name of the pet itched. The Dog angel memorial marker could be the perfect tribute to the lost angel.

Shape of the headstone – The majority of memorial stones come in the rectangular shape with engraving on them. But stones in the shape of paw or heart are also available to choose from.

The image of Pet – You may want to imprint the portrait of your pet on the stone. People choose to have a readily available imprint of cats or dogs as the case may be. Some people prefer to have paws imprinted on the stone too.

Message – People like to leave a message for their pets on the memorial stone. Like “you live in our hearts forever’. Sometimes people like to mention the years lived by the pet on the stone. Others may just mention the name of the pet along with the portrait.

Customization – You can get your memorial stones for dogs customized with a special shape or provision to insert the photo of your pet. The cost of the memorial stone will vary as per the customization you opt for.

Candle holder memorial stone – these stones come with the provision to place one or more votive candles and a meaningful quote is etched on it. They can be used even outdoors as they are well protecte