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Two Unlikely Friends - a new children's book series

Two Unlikely Friends - a new children's book series

After almost 30 years in advertising, I decided last year I wanted to write children's books. With three of my own, I've read lots of bedtime stories but the quality of many publications was not always that great. So I thought, I can do that! And I did.

The Two Unlikely Friends series involves the coming together of two animals but not ones who would typically 'know one another' because they come from very different environments. The first book (Ocho and Bao Bao's Masterpiece) features a septopus (an octopus with only seven legs) who stumbles (literally) into a panda and after the resulting chaos, they create something special together. The second title (Presley and Allie's African Barbeque) involves a kangaroo and a giraffe who, having put out a fire, create a wonderful barbeque together. There are more books to come and soon there will be an e-book version to complement the paperback version already available

If you are interested in seeing what they turned out like, please visit Amazon and search for "Ocho and Bao Bao" or "Presley and Allie". To get a feel for what they look like, visit the website at www.twounlikelyfriends.com

I heard many people who I showed the book to say that they also had wanted to write a book and "hadn't got past the first page' or 'only ever finished the first chapter'. My advice is 'just do it.' It's such a rewarding experience!

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Good luck with your future efforts James.