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The Dangers/Opportunities of Small Online E-commerce Stores

The Dangers/Opportunities of Small Online E-commerce Stores

With the rise of websites like Shopify, Etsy and more has made it incredibly easy for anyone to start a business online selling any product or service. The difficult parts of getting started have been streamlined and simplified in ways that have never been available before. There are some significant pro’s and cons to this new frontier of online business.


Some of the biggest benefits to this is the fact that the barrier to entry has been lowered in an astronomical way to get into a small business venture. Selling products online used to be exclusively a luxury of skilled digital marketers and programmers but now anyone can do it with minimal technical understanding.

Another benefit is that it has changed the variety of products on the market. Since anyone can buy and sell items on the internet, it lends itself to solve a wide variety of market interests. Whether you are selling rings made out of spoons or custom journals for scriptures, there are some many more products now and more people buying now because these niche products don’t exist anywhere else.


With all the wonderful things that this software can do for us how could there be any back draws. With any change or advancement in the market, it brings with it challenges and difficulties. These innovations have streamlined the technical knowledge needed to have a platform to sell online. What it hasn’t done as easily is created a sustainable way to build and scale a business. Many people have the expectation that they will start a Shopify store and make six figures in a month. Just because you now have a place to sell products or services online, it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone will buy your products. Getting sales hasn’t necessarily gotten any easier. Some people may be more successful selling their products at fairs than online, because exposure is great, but sales are what really matters.

Online is also not as helpful if you begin to have success. Most online e-commerce platforms are designed for micro businesses that manage very small amounts of volume. If your small side hustle ends up being successful, that is fantastic. You may find yourself out growing that platform and reaching a ceiling with those programs. You will quickly find yourself being held back by those platforms.

The fact doesn’t change, these programs have permanently changed the market and allow people to get involved in a potentially profitable side hustle.