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The DIY Car Repair Guide

The DIY Car Repair Guide

Being able to drive has become an inseparable part of our modern society. We all need to travel relatively far distances for work, groceries, family and more. Nearly every American needs a driver’s license and a car to live your life. A car is now as important as a computer. Most everyone experiences “car troubles” many times. For most people, when they open the hood of their car it might as well be trying to read a foreign language. Twisting pipes and complex metal pieces with complicated purposes make most drives unnerved that they have to rely on a mechanic for even small adjustments. Especially when you buy a used car the dealers mechanic will likely take a look at the car. If you are looking to be a bit more educated, here are the most common repairs made on car so that you can spot them when they come up

According to research by IMR Inc the most common vehicle repair is oil/oil filter change. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. An oil change is an extremely common. We are supposed to get an oil change every so often, it is a basic component of automotive upkeep. An oil change served to lubricate the engine and absorb heat. This allows the internal mechanism to work effectively without overheating. Without frequent oil changes, the engine become less effective and can even cause permanent damage. An oil filter removes contaminants from the engine oil. If you oil is left unfiltered, the engine gets worn down and can also cause permanent damage. Those two adjustments go hand in hand and cannot be ignored.

The second replacement is a simple one that most people are familiar and can relatively easily manage on their own. This is replacing the wiper blades. While this is largely considered a cosmetic fix, it is important for the driver because in heavy rain, it can become impossible to see and you create a huge risk of crashing.

The third most common repair is replacing the air filter. The car air filter prevents debris, dirt and other objects from entering your engine. This is usually coupled with a cabin filter which has been standard practice since 2002 and it prevents dust, pollen, and other pollutants from entering the car through the A/C and heating vents.

The fourth most common repair is Tire Work. This typically means fixing a punctured tire or getting all new tires for your vehicle. This is common enough that aside from general mechanic shops there are tires only mechanics that only work to fix tires. This is significant because the car can still operate while less efficiently without the oil change/filter, wiper blades or air filter. Without tires, your car is going nowhere. This usually comes up highest on the to-do list of most people, the repair that people usually know how to do on their own is change their tire for that same reason. If you wiper blade breaks, your trip doesn’t necessarily need to stop but if your tire pops, it needs to be addressed immediately.