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5 Best Tips To Avoid Mishappenings While Surfing In Whitsunday Islands

5 Best Tips To Avoid Mishappenings While Surfing In Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday is an alluring tourist place to visit in Australia. It consists of 74 islands with transparent water, exotic beaches, varied forests, wildlife and much more. Millions of people visit this astounding island every year from all corners of the world.  With so many things to do at Sailing Whitsundays, surfing is one the of the main sports that are largely enjoyed by many tourists.

While safety, on the other hand, is the most crucial thing while surfing. It is not a  stick-in-the-mud type of sport as it is very high in demand and takes place in an unstable environment. So, it becomes very important to keep few things in mind before surfing in the sea. In this article, we are going to to have a discussion to avoid mishappenings while surfing in Whitsunday island. Let us go further!

1. The Weather

Weather is the most distinct aspect to consider before surfing as it can be unstable. Before surfing, you should make sure the present and the future weather conditions. Fear of getting trapped in hurricanes and tsunamis is the most common element while surfing in Whitsunday island. If you begin to hear thunder while surfing, it is recommended to get out of the water on the spot.

2. Should Know How to Swim

This is apparently the most vital element of while surfing but is usually neglected. There is no obvious way to put yourself at risk than jumping in the sea without knowing the basics of swimming. As a surfer, you cannot fully depend on your board for safety. Keep in mind that surfboard is not a private flotation gadget, it is a section of sporting material that can get detached from you despite having a strap. A lot of unskilled people are responsible for depending on their surfboard for their own safety in the sea.

Swimming in the Whitsunday islands is totally different from swimming in your own pool. Keep in mind that pools do not have waves or currents, but the sea has that might move you in the reverse way you want to go.

3. Ocean Animals

A very uncertain yet vital aspect of your safety is the presence of the ocean animals in the Whitsunday islands. This comprises of stingrays, jellyfish, urchins, and sharks. Yet, highly rare, the chance of confronting a shark while surfing in Whitsunday Islands is enough to keep visitors away from lifting a surfboard.

The chances of being attacked by a shark are almost 1 in 10 million. Only 3 or 4 people die each year from shark attacks every year. In order to get away from these attacks, avoid areas where sharks are likely to feed, look for warning signs on the beach before surfing.

4. Learn about Rip Current

Getting caught in a rip current is another blunder that might happen to you while surfing in Whitsunday islands. You should not panic and should be not paddling directly against the rip current but at a right angle away from it.

5. Follow Surf Etiquettes

Accident with other surfers while surfing is quite common and can be dodged by your common sense. Try not to surf at fiercely crowded places and by pursuing the surf etiquettes. You might get in trouble if you go surfing without knowing the basics of surfing.


As you can notice, there are many things consider when endeavoring into the Sailing Whitsunday Islands. The very first thing to look for is your safety in the ocean water. If you know that the waves might be big, or the beach is barren, try dropping the idea of surfing.

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