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18 Top Voices Of CyberSecurity To Follow Before The Year Is Over

18 Top Voices Of CyberSecurity To Follow Before The Year Is Over

Here is a reason why corporations (and hackers) are trying to gather as much of your data as possible. The clicks you make, the videos you watch, the resume you give in a job interview, the photos you post, all these little pieces of seemly random information add-on to create a picture of you as a consumer. The fact is, that data has become more precious than gold, and you not being aware of that fact will not protect you at all.

Corporations have learned first hand the havoc a little lapse in security can cost. USCybersecurity.net posted the biggest security breaches for the month of November 2018. And as the following list shows that hackers are hitting the big companies with an ever-increasing fervor and intensity.


Cyber Security deals with the ever-increasing problem of how to maintain your information secure. While both terms deal with the security of information, they differ on how broad their responsibility reach is. 

Wikipedia defines Cyber Security as: " The protection of computer systems from the theft and damage to their hardware, software or information, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. This includes controlling physical access to the hardware, as well as protecting against the harm that may come via network access, data, and code injection. Also, due to malpractice by operators, whether intentional or accidental, ITsecurity is susceptible to being tricked into deviating from secure procedures through various methods."

Cyber Security deals in protecting data ( mostly that is stored in digital form ) that in the wrong hands could cause havoc in our lives. Identity theft causes billions of dollars to consumers and banks, Ransomware has wiped out terabytes of critical data to those unwilling to yield to hackers demands. Cyber Security is currently one of our most important lines of defense against these ever-increasing attacks. 


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