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Social Media Over 40

Social Media Over 40

If you are over 40 and still working for a living... You will slowly come to realize that what is going on in YOUR workplace... Is happening to MOST of us Generation X'ers & Baby Boomers as well...

Its all about that little voice whispering that time have run along and the world you knew is changing ... Maybe too fast... And even if you don't want to admit it.. Well, by now you've become a little obsolescent ( In terms of learning new skills )

We were taught to keep a perfect attendance at work, Show up even when you have a cold, work from 8-5, don't dare say "NO" to overtime and shut up when the boss is having a bad day and screaming at you for a petty mistake...

Just hold on, count to ten, take a deep breath and one day your loyalty, respect and experience will pay off getting you a nice office with a view, plus a good bump to your salary.

Well... What really happened was that once that supervisor opportunity appeared, this young guy, straight from college appeared out of the blue and made himself comfortable in your dream office... And by the way, he's now asking you to "please" make him some coffee... ( Hold the sugar, he only uses Nutrasweet )

He's babbling with Top Brass about Social Media, Social Selling, Linkedlin, beBee and Google Adwords... While you are standing there, still in shock, but aware that the BIG BOSS wants YOU to show this kid the ropes about the business... Yes... Congrats !!! You have been chosen to train YOUR new supervisor !!!!

Been there, done that... And that is why im sitting here writing to YOU...

While Social Media is not the Holy Grail that will get you again on your feet and closer to your dream office ... It is  a tool that must be understood and once put into action can indeed open many doors and lead to many handshakes... But most of all, it is an opportunity to re-invent yourself, create a personal brand, have a social voice and connect with others with your same motivations.

In the following weeks ill be sharing interviews and articles under the title " Social Media Over 40 " with some basics of Social Media like why you need a Personal Brand, how Linkedlin, Facebook, Twitter and beBee can help you in a professional level and what is Social Selling and how to take advantage of it.

Yes, the corporate world changed too fast, but skills can be learned while experience takes a lot longer to build... Just keep your mind open to new ideas and lets learn some new tricks of the trade !!!

Beware..Knowledge Is Coming !!!

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli 22/11/2016 · #39

#11 The Rollin Stone gathers many a boss! ;)

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Ramana Rao Mallampalli 20/11/2016 · #38

#29 In these series, I have noticed one question that Young Immediate boss will like the works of +40 yrs. aged man, when the man is surrounded by girls wearing Cut necks. Please note that the age is not a criteria for job, if +40 yrs. has energy to deliver targets. some people not think of age, but have energy to work.

In this context, it is noted that there is some office decorum and not to allow working girls as fashion show.

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Brian McKenzie 19/11/2016 · #37

Most Gen-x'rs I know left the corporate cube farms when PC and the 'required' "sensitivity" training showed up. My goose was fully cooked and done with the idiom by Y2K and the movie "Office Space"

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Erroll -EL- Warner 19/11/2016 · #36

Will the young "boss" discard his middle age trainer after he learn the ropes and start mingling with the big "fish" of the organization? Will he have ladies in cut blouses sitting in his office while his 40 year old employees keep looking at those low cut blouses from the corner of his eyes?

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Clifford Thornton 19/11/2016 · #35

Simple solution - create your own destiny no matter your age, ethnicity or gender. Find a passion and pursue it. Make a positive difference in the world. The term "dream office" can have more than one meaning. I think we should aspire to a "dream life" rather than a "dream office." The "office" is simply a means to an end. Trial attorney Jerry Spence, PM Margaret Thatcher, Warren Buffet -- all very active and keen into their later, senior years. If you take good care of yourself, exercise regularly, eat healthy, refrain from physically destructive habits like smoking and drinking too much (i.e. more than 2 drinks per day for men and more than 1 drink per day for women), then 40 is relatively young and you can be very vital for decades to come. There are 50 year old Masters track athletes who can run the mile faster than most 18 year olds. I was talking about this with a fellow fitness enthusiastic while doing some laps in the pool the other day. The key is to consistently take time out to take care of yourself; make an investment in yourself, your health and your future. Ignore the negativity. Take control of your own life.

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Paul Walters 19/11/2016 · #34

@Jan Barbosa Tis a brave new world lived ....well anywhere really!! Thanks jan

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Great Post!!

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Camille Mari 18/11/2016 · #32

Very interesting.

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