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This Week In Social Media Volume 3

This Week In Social Media Volume 3

Its Saturday 29 of October, again that time of the week for JAN BARBOSA'S SOCIAL MEDIA SATURDAY !!!

Lets start this Social Media weekend with Augmented Reality, and If you thought PokemonGo was the only augmented reality app, then i got a surprise for you !!! Here is a list of other interesting #augmentedreality apps that could give us an idea where this #AR thing is heading to : 

This Week In Social Media Volume 3

But Augmented Reality is also making its way beyond the hands of common users (and gamers), it is now entering the factories... Here Timothy Hughes brings this article on how Augmented reality is going from 'Pokémon Go' to the factory floor :

This Week In Social Media Volume 3

A note here !!! Because we cant end the #augmentedreality theme without congratulating all those in the latest Onalytica Top 100 Augmented Reality Influencers List!!! Timothy Hughes Jan Gordon Cathy Hackl Glen Gilmore Daniel Newman !!! BTW Im There at 37 ( hope that was my age too )

This Week In Social Media Volume 3


Now on a sour note,  lets talk  about #Vine , everyone knows im a TWITTER fan... Most of my online community is in this platform and the recent news of bad times for Twitter is quite sad. As of now twitter is reinventing itself and Vine just aint in that plan...Top Cloud Influencer Ian Moyse brings the story with this post: "Say goodbye to Vine, which once had 100 million active monthly users"

This Week In Social Media Volume 3


Now lets get more upbeat and strike Social Media strategies HEAD ON !!! Here, Social Media Influencer Rebekah Radice gives us the Social Media Marketing Tactics to Substantially Boost Engagement !!!

This Week In Social Media Volume 3


To end my section, i cant let out Growth Hacker And Blogger Rebecca Matias after reading her post on  "The Five Elements Of Quality Content (According To An End User)" 

This Week In Social Media Volume 3


Now i leave you all to your own a very social weekend, and remember : Social Media is 24/7 But Please Try To Take 8 Good Hours Of Sleep.

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