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How To Tackle 5 of the Toughest Interview Questions

How To Tackle 5 of the Toughest Interview Questions

After weeks or months of applying for jobs and networking your butt off, landing an interview can feel like winning the lottery.  But while you might be tempted to pop the champagne, this is the moment where the real work begins. 

The interview process has definitely evolved over the years.  There are video interviews, panel interviews, group interviews, case interviews…the list goes on.  Some interviews clock in under 30 minutes.  Others last all day.

But one thing you can count on is that you’ll likely get asked at least one of these notoriously tough questions.  Let’s take a look at what motivates employers to ask these questions and the best way to approach them.

Tough Interview Question #1 - Why Are You Leaving Your Current Employer?

This seemingly innocent question can be a potential minefield for candidates.  Employers ask it to get a sense of what your current grievances are and why you might leave them down the road.  If you seem like a job hopper or difficult to please, this could be a red flag.

First off, never, ever trash-talk your current company, supervisor or position.  It might be tempting to “vent” your frustrations with your current situation as a way of demonstrating your interest in this opportunity, but this approach will only backfire. 

Instead, stay positive, and talk about your desire to gain new skills, take on new challenges, etc.  It’