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What a Pain in the... BACK!

What a Pain in the... BACK!How would you like to fix chronic back pain IMMEDIATELY as well as prevent it in the future?

As someone who works at a computer all day long, has bad posture and probably does not exercise enough, I often get back pain. It has been this way, on and off, over 20 years. Years ago, I bought an amazing book by Pete Egoscue, Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain. (Click this link to see my post about it.) It is as good and relevant today as it was (back) then - pun intended! 

How do I know? I recently had a worse episode than usual while playing tennis. I was in pain just sitting in my chair or lying down. I read the book and tried an exercise or two, but it wasn't enough.  I was desperate.

So, I started Googling for more resources, hoping to find more on Egoscue as it had usually worked before. After finding some great videos by several Egoscue clinics, a couple good ones stood out. At the end of their video, they said to let them know how it went in the comments. So I did. Eventually they gave me an e-mail contact. I sent them some more information and was blown away when they replied several times. It turns out that if you own the book, they can answer any questions for free! It also turns out that I had done a little more damage than usual and needed a series of "e-cises" to get past my acute pain that time.

Egoscue and Low Back Pain

Lower back pain comes in many forms including back spasms, herniated discs, stenosis, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, and chronic low back tightness and stiffness. The causes of lower back pain can be elusive and the cause of back pain is