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5 Presentation Apps That Will Calm Your Nerves When Speaking In Public

5 Presentation Apps That Will Calm Your Nerves When Speaking In Public

You’re standing in front of a big group ready to make your presentation. It could be your first-time public speaking or you could have plenty of experience. Standing behind the podium can still be a nervous experience. Good preparation, a great product and great presentation slides can give you the confidence to stand in front of whoever you need to and put in your best performance.

These moments can be critical for your startup, whether in a sales pitch or speaking at an event. Luckily there are apps out there you can have to make the most of the opportunity. Presentation apps can help you to feel more confident, really sell your start-up business and who knows, maybe even help you to enjoy the experience! Here are our top 5 apps to help dispel any public speaking nerves:

1. Prompster

A great, visual presentation which catches the eye should not be littered with dense text for the audience to read. It can be tempting to add too much text to your slides to give you the confidence to be able to remember everything you want to say. The risk is that you’re not going to be looking directly at your audience if you have to spend your time facing away from them, looking at your slides. Prompster is your own teleprompter that you can access via a phone or tablet so that, even if you’re nervous and can’t remember your lines, you won’t be fumbling with cards or stumbling over your words.
iOS and Android

2. Pro-Metronome – for speaking at a better pace.

If you’re nervous you’re more likely to rush and garble part of the presentation – normally the beginning or end. It’s tempting to rush to get it over with but the audience won’t thank you for it. Although this app is really designed for musicians, a regular beat will help you practise your speaking. Not rushing will also keep you calmer, which is ideal while up in front of a crowd. Pro-Metronome also features a vibrate function which means that you can slip it into your pocket before you start speaking and use it to count where you are in your presentation.
iOS and Android

3. Public Speaking for Cardboard

You might be able to practice the presentation before but you’ll struggle to get the same adrenalin rush as when you are standing in front of a large group of people. Although not exactly the same as being able to see people face-to-face, this VR app will give you more of a feel for how it all will look when you’re up there. Taking your presentation slides and putting them on the virtual screen means you can rehearse your talk with a VR audience listening to every word. This sounds like an expensive option just to get your nerves under control, but this could run using your smartphone and Google’s very cheap Cardboard headset.

4. Ummo

We can all litter our speech with filler words to fill the silence. Sliding too many “umms”, “ahhhssss” and “like, you knows” into a speech can harm your credibility. The big issue is these natural pauses in your speech tend to be so natural you won’t realise you’re doing them. Speech coaching app Ummo can help with your presentation practice. It records and transcribes your speech as you practice and highlights when you use filler words. The idea is that this will help you get greater control over your speech and identify the moments when you are most likely to use filler words.

5. Presentation Clock

This seems obvious but, now people use watches less and less, it’s good to be able to see how long you’ve been talking. Presentation Clock allows you to keep track of how much time you’ve got left. Its simple design (a large timer) means that it does the job while not being obtrusive or too hard to follow in the heat of the moment. The countdown can also be set to turn yellow then red at variable thresholds and when time runs out the colours invert (black on red) to indicate the length of the over-run.
iOS and Android

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Jared 🐝 Wiese 20/9/2016 · #4

#3 @David Howard, what a great video on "Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking Meditation - How To Overcome Stage Fright"! I am sure many others reading this could benefit from it! Meditation is a wonderful idea. Makes me think of the first 3 steps of Miracle Morning (SAVERS): Silence (meditation), Affirmation, Visualization! See https://www.bebee.com/group/themiraclemorning for more on that!

I have also heard of 2 apps for meditation: Calm and Headspace.

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David Howard 20/9/2016 · #3

@Jared Wiese good stuff. great advice!! I like guided meditation to go along with what you said. this is my favourite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2ptMv5rFP0
nothing quite like mixing high end technology with some good old self brain washing

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Jared 🐝 Wiese 20/9/2016 · #2

Hi @Donna-Luisa Eversley. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

Yes, this was too good, not to share! Lifehack.org has amazing content. In fact, I think I will create some honey and buzz on that...

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 20/9/2016 · #1

Wow @Jared Wiese thanks for sharing this post with us on bebee.Christopher Brown does highlight some key points in public speaking, delivering a presentation. The nerves really can be a pain.

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