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Burn Your Résumé for beBee or LinkedIn? Not so Fast...

Burn Your Résumé for beBee or LinkedIn? Not so Fast...

Steve Blakeman wrote a great post on this topic. He made a compelling case for companies dropping traditional resumes for online profiles instead. I wish it were that easy!

The problem is, we have no control over what companies do or require. (Nor can we be ensured they will read this post ;)
Most still have "Black Hole" Applicant Tracking Systems that it seems require content that only the "Black Hole" can understand.

My post explains the current state of profiles on LinkedIn and beBee - and what you can do to increase your "resume presence".

First Things First

Research proved we only have 6 seconds to show our value...

Burn Your Résumé for beBee or LinkedIn? Not so Fast...

This is vitally important. Whether it is a paper resume or online profile, I suggest the 6 seconds holds true.  

Based on this research and being an interviewer myself, first impressions are critical. Likewise, before you can even get your foot in the door, online profiles come down to the first few things readers see about you.

I will make direct comparisons of LinkedIn and beBee…

Your Call to Action

Burn Your Résumé for beBee or LinkedIn? Not so Fast...

  • On LinkedIn the first thing interested people see about you is your Headline. Per the last picture/link, you have 120 characters for that. PLUS, people see it by hovering over your name anywhere on the platform! Awesome.
  • On beBee it defaults to a reverse of the first 2 lines of your top (most recent) job in the Experience section. You only see it by searching all Bees or going to a Bee's profile. So, it is merely something that shows twice on the profile page. No hovering. No customization of even 1 character. :(

Time to Shine

Then you get to the meat of it all. Your chance to shine, once you hopefully grabbed their attention.

  • LinkedIn gives you 2,000 characters for the Summary. 2,000 sticky, sweet and golden characters (hmmm, sounds like honey!) to tell YOUR story! (See the link in the next section for more information.)
  • beBee only has a top "Quote" of 292 characters. Short and better-be-sweet / bittersweet.

Tell Your Story/Stories

  • The ironic thing about LinkedIn is that once you can do all this – if you even do it at all – and you start engaging on the platform, you are hardly noticed! So you had better at least get your profile right on LinkedIn! I think of this as your story (not stories), as getting noticed for your posts is much harder than it was years ago.


What's the big deal?
You asked

1) You want people to know you and your “value statement” (Headline, Quote) as soon as possible online. On LinkedIn it is buzzing, but on beBee it stings.

2) Once you catch the reader’s attention, you need to get them to keep reading. LinkedIn gives ample room for you to tell your story. beBee makes it a struggle.

3) If you want a job, you better have an All Star LinkedIn profile. If you want engagement, buzz over to beBee. Once you sting ‘em, better have a link to your LinkedIn profile ;)

4) See https://www.bebee.com/producer/@jaredwiese/why-and-how-to-be-a-stand-out-on-linkedin for more information on profiles and its impacts.

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Photo credit: Steve's post, https://www.bebee.com/producer/@steve-blakeman/burn-your-resume-linkedin-has-made-it-obsolete.

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Harvey Lloyd 19/10/2016 · #49

Some good thoughts on managing your resume. I would think this approach would also survive a B2B examination Good read @Jared Wiese

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Gerald Hecht 19/10/2016 · #48

#47 @Jared Wiese yeah that should do it

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Jared Wiese 17/10/2016 · #47

#42 Hi @Charles David Upchurch. Thank you so much for clarifying. Sorry for misunderstanding your intentions. In #39 I was trying to show I had done my due diligence. I can see how the link might not be noticed.

The issue we posters have is that when you see the blurb of a post on a wall, you only see the first ~250 characters. Those are precious up-front words to capture the reader's attention and let them know what your article is about. If you start by giving a long link to any post, the summary message may be lost. As it stands, I have updated the post to list and link to Steve's post up front:

'Steve Blakeman wrote a great post, "Burn your résumé... LinkedIn has made it obsolete", and made a compelling case for companies dropping traditional resumes - burning them, in fact - for online profiles instead. I wish it were that easy!

The problem i...'

... and I added Steve's link again with the end photo credit.

I may have now lost my main problem statement, but maybe it is clearer this way. Hopefully I am doing better. :) It's a balance.

All the Buzz...

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Gerald Hecht 16/10/2016 · #46

#39 @Charles David Upchurch I t may help to read them in an environment/state of mind that is relatively distraction free, that way you can comment in a coherent manner that is germane to the content. This maintains the dynamic of a discussion much more effectively than continually apologizing for commenting in the wrong forum, etc.

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Gerald Hecht 16/10/2016 · #45

#40 @Jared Wiese You are most welcome; I think this the ideas discussed here are worthy of such.

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Gerald Hecht 16/10/2016 · #44

#41 @Lisa Gallagher Thank you for saying that; I don't often feel that my opinions are deemed worthy of attention.

Gerald Hecht 16/10/2016 · #43

#42 @Charles David Upchurch I see; BTW --try not to "protest too much" (it's a literary allusion/parable thingie); it may prove to help you in articulating facts/comments in the future,

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Charles David Upchurch 16/10/2016 · #42

#28 #39
1) I had no idea that there was a link under the main photo. I only tried it after your comment #39.
2) You stated "Steve Blakeman wrote a great post"... of course you did. I did NOT suggest that you were trying to take "credit or anything from Steve Blakeman."
That wasn't my point at all. I was just hoping that you would add a link to the article that you had already properly mentioned.
3) I did not see the link "(See https://www.bebee.com/producer/@steve-blakeman/burn-your-resume-linkedin-has-made-it-obsolete for Steve's original post.)" when I first read the article. If it was there, I apologize for missing it.

I'm not trying to make anyone look bad. I just made the mistake of making a suggestion publicly which I should have either not made at all, or I should have made it privately. Instead of being helpful, I appear to have angered you, and for that I am also sorry.

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