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Quit Social Media - for Your Career! Really?

Quit Social Media - for Your Career! Really?In his NY Times article, Mr. Newport makes his case against social media. Then on a LinkedIn share, Adam Grant disagrees with Cal Newport on social media's negative career impacts.

I also disagree with Mr. Newport. Someone in one job or academia for years with no social media to back anything up about them is not better off. Jeff Young, the LinkedIn Guru, says you only need 15 minutes a day to engage peers, show your stuff and maybe learn something too. Should that only be on LinkedIn?

I do agree with Mr. Newport that "a service designed to fragment my attention" is indeed scary. Examples would be Facebook and LinkedIn, where they tweak algorithms and try to show you the popular articles. So ditch the kitten and dinner 'pix', sure. And who cares what trending tag just flew by.

What about the social media helping to grow your passions, professionally and personally, while also allowing you to be on fewer networks? I agree with Mr. Grant, that the right social media can HELP your career. In fact, from the original article, the following could describe Affinity Networking, and beBee social media has it:

Professional success is hard, but it’s not complicated. The foundation to achievement and fulfillment, almost without exception, requires that you hone a useful craft and then apply it to things that people care about.

Try focusing your social media where you can add and get the most value. Check out how easy it is to be part of the buzz on BeBee.com:


Jared Wiese Nov 27, 2016 · #5

Thanks for the share, @Franci Eugenia Hoffman.

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Franci Eugenia Hoffman Nov 27, 2016 · #4

I believe social media can compliment career building but nothing beats the face to face communication.

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Jared Wiese Nov 26, 2016 · #3

On the LinkedIn share, Jeff Young replied:

"I think a guiding rule on social media (whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) is you need to be where your "customers" are!"

Jared Wiese Nov 26, 2016 · #2

#1 I can see your point, Harvey. I agree that we need to be careful what we put on social media if we have a career that might scrutinize it.

But I am thinking more benefits come from engaging others with similar interests. To learn and grow. To share. To show you know your stuff!

In my profession, I know hiring managers, recruiters and HR do indeed look at LinkedIn. Nothing there or inconsistencies are red flags. Solid content, activity, public references are golden proof.

Harvey Lloyd Nov 26, 2016 · #1

I am on the fence with this one @Jared Wiese You may grow a network but you also expose yourself in many ways. Folks can view your profile and misinterpret things. Career building in person allows you to check Miss-interpretations. To much info is just as bad as not enough

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