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This statement refers to a method for removing chronic pain. It comes from Pete Egoscue's book, Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain. It's about The Egoscue Method. A method that works! 

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But there's no such thing as "Pain Free"!

From my experience, it actually is possible to get back to pain free - time and time again! Like many of us, I sit at a computer all day and eventually work and stress build up and I find myself slouched over lie the homosapien pictured on the right...

... LOOK familiar?!

Or perhaps you started up an exercise class or sport only to find odd aches and pains the next day...

... FEEL familiar?

This post describes my experience, the Method, the book, the author and gives more resources.

Your body tells you when it is suffering

Many of Pete Egoscue's "e-cise" exercises take only a few minutes a day, but can fix a many "permanent" chronic conditions. Not Physical Therapy (PT). Not chiropractic. Definitely not surgery. 

Here is some of the best of what I've learned so far on this topic...

  • If you are in acute pain, I'd suggest gettting the Pain Free book by Pete Egoscue. It will serve you for years, like it has me. There is so much packed into even the first 3 chapters. See the bonus You can watch a video story about it.
  • It uses simple "e-cises" (exercises) for posture alignment to gently take our bodies back to they way they were designed. After maintaining bad posture, we get bad muscle memory and eventually chronic pain.
  • You can usually google 'Egoscue [pain]' and Bee pain free!...
  • Sitting at a computer all day, I often get back pain. His book and videos like this one from Pete at Sonima.com gets me "back" every time. ;)

What is his Egoscue Method?

Listen to the 6-minute summary about Pain Free, from Brian Bradley. Brian has worked side-by-side with Pete Egoscue since 1991

The Egoscue Method® is the world leader in non-medical pain relief. Since 1971 and with over 25 clinics worldwide, The Egoscue Method has helped thousands of individuals tap into their body’s ability to heal itself and free themselves of chronic pain. This easy and gentle method has a 94% success rate without the use of drugs, surgery or manipulation. We teach YOU how to regain control of your health without becoming dependent on another person or a machine.
We believe that your body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Think about this: If you cut your arm, it doesn’t stay cut. If you break your leg, it doesn’t stay broken. Why are the herniated discs in your back, your torn meniscus, or your degenerative hip joint any different? The answer is THEY AREN'T! We simply have to give your body a chance to heal. Once that happens, you'll be well on your way to being pain free and living an active lifestyle.
Remember that your body is made to move and there are ZERO design flaws. Also keep in mind that any procedure, therapy, or modality that you choose to eliminate your pain should strive to return you to as close to that flawless design as possible. Our Egoscue therapists are trained to help you restore hope in your body and get you back to the active lifestyle that you once led.

What is the Pain Free book?

Starting today, you don't have to live in pain.

That is the revolutionary message of this breakthrough system for eliminating chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or expensive physical therapy. Developed by Pete Egoscue, a nationally renowned physiologist and sports injury consultant to some of today's top athletes, the Egoscue Method has an astounding 95 percent success rate. The key is a series of gentle exercises and carefully constructed stretches called E-cises. Inside you'll find detailed photographs and step-by-step instructions for dozens of e-cises specifically designed to provide quick and lasting relief of:
Lower back pain, hip problems, sciatica, and bad knees
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and even some forms of arthritis
  • Migraines and other headaches, stiff neck, fatigue, sinus problems, vertigo, and TMJ
  • Shin splints, varicose veins, sprained or weak ankles, and many foot ailments
  • Bursitis, tendinitis, and rotator cuff problems
  • Plus special preventive programs for maintaining health through the entire body.
With this book in hand, you're on your way to regaining the greatest gift of all: a pain-free body! With the help of Pete Egoscue's revolutionary program of quick stretches and strength-building exercises, you can cure chronic pain, and do it naturally.
Pain Free back cover

Pete Egoscue has shown thousands of individuals, corporations, schools, and championship sports teams how to eliminate pain without investing in expensive ergonomic devices or resorting to surgery or drug therapies.  His groundbreaking book, with nearly 50,000 hardcover copies sold, shows readers how to:
  • Relieve lower back pain
  • Improve hip problems, sciatica, and bad knees
  • Relieve migraines and other headaches, stiff neck, fatigue, sinus problems, vertigo, and TMJ
  • Relieve painful problems, like carpal tunnel syndrome, often misdiagnosed as arthritis
  • Prevent injuries and maintain health through stretching programs for the entire body
Filled with easy instructions, photos, and line illustrations throughout, this book will provide quick, effective pain relief.
- Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain on Amazon

What, exactly, IS Egoscue?

Founded by Pete Egoscue in the 70's, The Egoscue Method is postural therapy. We believe that pain, both chronic and acute, is due to misalignment in the body as it loses its designed posture. The human body is designed to move! However, with most of society becoming more and more sedentary, the body begins to develop musculoskeletal dysfunctions and compensations. When those are present, pain and injury set in or are lurking right around the corner. The Egoscue Method restores the body back to its designed posture, alleviating pain and returning you back to an active, pain free lifestyle. You can learn more by watching our “What is Egoscue?” video.

Who is Pete Egoscue?

Pete Egoscue, an anatomical physiologist since 1978, is the creator of the Egoscue Method for safe, effective, and permanent relief from chronic pain without prescription painkillers or invasive surgery. His exercise therapy program is acclaimed worldwide for treating chronic musculoskeletal pain attributed to workplace and sports injuries, accidents, aging, and other conditions. He has been consulted by some of the biggest names in sports. His books include Pain Free, The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, Pain Free for Women, Pain Free at Your PC, and Pain Free Living.

Sonima founder Sonia Jones credits Pete Egoscue with saving her life. Egoscue, the alignment and pain management expert, first met Sonia after she had undergone back surgery and could barely walk. His revolutionary approach to fitness and alignment transformed her physical body and turned her on to yoga, one of her greatest passions.

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Jared 🐝 Wiese 23/10/2016 · #7

#5 meant STILL being in pain

Jared 🐝 Wiese 23/10/2016 · #6

#5 ALLISON, I am so excited for you! The book does not disappoint. It really does give YOU simple movements for eliminating chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or expensive physical therapy and manipulations.
I've read and personally heard stories of people getting surgery and so being in pain!

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Allison Obrien 23/10/2016 · #5

I am si excited to check out this book! My husband had been dealing with severe chronic pain for years that has been unsuccessfully managed with high doses of different narcotic medications. He went through a life threatening experience about 5 years ago when his pain management doctor was transitioning him from fentanyl to methadone. The methadone has caused an increase in as well as the addition of numerous health issues for Christopher over the past years as well! I am always keeping my eyes out for anything that could possibly be an effective alternative to his current pain management medications which in truth, are not managing his chronic pain at all and! The benefits of the various high doses of pain medications Christopher has been prescribed over the past several years, in my opinion, absolutely have not out-weighed the increasingly severe side effects that have caused! I am grateful to have found this book and look forward to reading it! I am also glad to have found this hive that will hopefully give me the opportunity to make some amazing new connections!

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 11/10/2016 · #4

#3 joined hive 😉

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Jared 🐝 Wiese 11/10/2016 · #3

And thank you for sharing, @Donna-Luisa Eversley!

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Jared 🐝 Wiese 11/10/2016 · #2

#1 Hi @Donna-Luisa Eversley. I am thrilled you found it and know it can help! Once it does - ;) - don't forget to check out The Egoscue Method hive, if looking for other "pain free" ideas...

+1 +1
Donna-Luisa Eversley 11/10/2016 · #1

@Jared Wiese..wow thanks for this. Excellent information. Timely, and greatly appreciate this post 😊

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