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The Only Social Network? beBee Real!

We've all heard the expression that 1 picture = 1,000 words.

But what = one social network? 

The Only Social Network? beBee Real!

With new Live Buzz and video features, beBee does ALL real content (just not GIFs). (UPDATE: beBee staff will be updating this info graphic.)

For now, using words I'd say:

beBee :
Real Content. 
Real Engagement.

One Platform to beBee Real! 

... Or perhaps, 1 platform = beBee :) 

Some tweets on the topic:

For an example of my work on beBee:

My beBee articles: https://www.bebee.com/@jaredwiese 
My beBee shares: https://www.bebee.com/bee/jaredwiese?t=posts

Denise Da Vinha Ricieri Sep 26, 2016 · #13

Well @Jared Wiese, how I told you before, being a Bee is a totally new UX, and you already realized it! Thanks for spread strong ideas and congrats for Buzz! ✌🏼️🐝

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Paul "Pablo" Croubalian Sep 26, 2016 · #11

#10 Yup... Jared, we agree. But, just to be clear and to not get a bunch of purists hot under the collar... There is no CURRENT legal issue with the use of GIFs. But, the format is not in the public domain. It is private property. Compuserve can, at any time, exercise any of its rights of ownership.

Just because it does not CHOOSE to do so now, does not mean it can NEVER choose to. Better to ignore GIF than risk a massive cleanup later.

GIFs can be animated, but video is so prevalent now that no one really cares. GIFs can support transparency. So can PNGs.

There is no upside that I can see to using GIFs and plenty of potential downside. I think beBee was very wise in choosing to not support them.

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Jared Wiese Sep 26, 2016 · #10

#6 Agree on ignoring GIFs, especially if a legal issue on top of them being short and cute, but of no real content/value.
Glad you also agree that beBee can do all the others! We need to get that word out there!

Jared Wiese Sep 26, 2016 · #9

#6 Thanks for the update, Dean. Is there a way to for bees to produce them in beBee (not just the beBee team)?

Franci Eugenia Hoffman Sep 26, 2016 · #8

This is an outstanding infographic. I would like to see it updated to reflect beBee's current status.

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Dean Owen Sep 26, 2016 · #7

#6 Yes, this infographic was put together by the beBee team a few weeks ago in a couple of languages. I'm sure they will update it.

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Paul "Pablo" Croubalian Sep 26, 2016 · #6

The GIF image format is owned by Compuserve. They never forced their claim, but it's better to just ignore it. My only issue with this infographic is that video, both live and embedded, is fine on beBee. The same thing goes for short texts.

To my mind it's incomplete. Apart from those two things, I love it.

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