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Getting Intimate with Your Consumers is 100% Necessary

I absolutely love getting intimate with my company's consumers. 

Stop right there. It's not like that!

I could walk into any corporate building in any city, and the marketing and sales teams could tell me all about their target customer age, income level, race, gender, and geographical locations. Yawn! Boring.

I bet only half of companies I'd visit would have answers to intimate questions like:

  • What problems does my buyer feel passionate about?
  • How would a purchaser benefit from my product or service?
  • What hindrances might prevent a user from paying attention to my message? Or doubt my products and services are dependable?
  • How can I influence a user to take an actionable step?
  • What criteria will influence whether or not a shopper decides to make a purchase? How can I prove my products or services are superior to alternative options?

Psychographics and Personas and Personalization

Getting intimate with your consumers is all about knowing the emotions they feel toward your brand, products or services. When they hear your brand name, is it a positive or negative reaction? 

You need to tap into the heart and soul of your consumers to be able to market and sell to them in ways that will trigger actions. 

Go out and talk to your consumers, ask lots of questions about their daily challenges, their desires, their feelings about your brand and what you sell. Then, segment your consumers into groups of like-minded people. 

From there, you can construct Personas to which you can message appropriately, since you know not only their demographics but also the psychographics that help you forecast how they will react and act to your brand. 

Finally, you can take those personas and create strategies to Personalize the online and offline experiences for your consumers. For example: As a single, male, millennial, in Tennessee, who makes between $80,000-$100,000, and has a positive outlook about his health but doesn't want to think about health insurance, this is what I want to see/touch/feel when I come across your brand...

Resources for Psychographic research:

Getting Intimate with Your Consumers is 100% Necessary

source: http://curatti.com/get-inside-customers-emotions-psychographic-marketing/

For more information about Psychographics, this article is a great primer:https://hbr.org/2016/03/psychographics-are-just-as-important-for-marketers-as-demographics

 Happy psychographing!