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7 beBee SEO Hacks to Boost Your Profile Views

I am happy to announce that we made SEO improvements to boost your search engine rankings.

Congratulations to ALL OUR TEAM ! . We have the best team.

7 beBee SEO Hacks to Boost Your Profile ViewsOriginal Image at http://www.whizablegraphics.com/images/be_visible.jpg

The internet would be a totally different place if there was no Google. The search engine giant has revolutionized the way we use the internet.

Just as it is crucial for a website to be optimized for search results to increase traffic, the same goes for your beBee profile. Implementing these tips will help you boost your search rankings on both beBee and Google.

1. Complete Your Profile

This one is almost a no-brainer, but far too many of us haven’t taken the time to fully flesh out our beBee profiles. Complete every single section. Upload a professional-looking profile photo, ask for and give recommendations, fill out and polish your job descriptions, and include samples or links to your work.  Still showing the silhouette? It's time to upgrade and upload a professional head shot.  Adding skills to your profile increases your profile views by up to 10 times.  Don't forget to include a strong summary! Your summary is your chance to get your professional story across, think of it as your introduction. After your photo, name and current position it's the next thing people will see on your profile.

How to complete your profile on beBee

How a complete beBee profile can help your Personal Brand

2. Keyword-Optimize Your Job Titles

We’re definitely not recommending you describe your last position as “Management” when it was more of an administrative role, but tweaking your job titles to include a few keywords can be really beneficial. Instead of “Blog Manager,” bait search engines by changing it to “Inbound Marketing Strategy Blog Manager."

3. Maximize Your Hive Membership

Joining and participating in relevant HIVES won’t just expand your network; it can improve your profile’s SEO performance, too. Since the hive names appear on your profile, search engines have no choice but to crawl the titles and share who you are and what you do. Joining also local HIVES like "New York Marketing Professionals" or whatever , can help with geo-targeted SEO.  Find hives within your niche and sector and your personal interests and get involved in the conversation. Join beBee Hives that will get your more of the RIGHT exposure.  Participate in hives by answering questions and contributing valuable content through beBee Producer Post content that is pertinent to you industries that will be shared by others.  Like articles and posts from others in your network.

How you can find affinity hives

4. Expand Your Network

beBee is the perfect platform for connecting with professionals while maintaining an integration of work-life balance on social media. Your business relationships will be more succesful when you connect through personal interests. We are humans and we move through passions. 

People do business with people. People hire people not resumes.

Forget B2B and B2P: Business to People (B2P) or People to People (P2P)  

5. Optimize Your Job Descriptions

Instead of writing out full paragraphs detailing your duties, use bullet-pointed lists that incorporate a variety of relevant keywords. Formatting your descriptions with bullet points also makes your profile more readable.

6. Promote Your beBee Profile Elsewhere

Include a link to your beBee profile in your email signature, your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts, and any other websites you maintain to create inbound links.

7. Create Quality Content and Comment on Other's Content.

The best way to build deeper business relationships is helping others. I know your probably thinking it’s easier to take care of yourself then worry about others. Simply help people, be human, engage one another and be real. We -as humans- are designed to want to communicate with one another need proof just take a look around watch a couple use sign language, laugh, have fun.  The integration of your personal and business life can lead to new opportunities. We all can agree that business is about relationships.

BEE social :-). Once you've perfected your profile and built up your network of connections, it's time to get active. Post valuable content such as news stories about your industry and your passions and hobbies.

BEE engaging and interact with others sharing your thoughts and opinions. Again this all helps in improving your profile and personal branding and shows recruiters and employers that you're a thought-leader within your field with a passion about the area of work you are currently in or are looking to work in. 

Give without expecting anything in return

How to use beBee Producer , the beBee blogging platform

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