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BeBee, what's next? Enter Blockchain

On beBee, we drive connection and engagement through passions, hobbies, personal and professional interests

I am most interested in is what causes people to connect with each other and interact. At beBee, we have a different approach than our big competitor, LinkedIn, to social networking.

On LinkedIn, you connect with people you know. The content in your feed is based on those connections. You see what they post - whether it’s relevant to you or not. Which is a factor in why Linkedin is running less than 25% of users on the platform monthly and why many fear getting a connection request from someone new. We ask ourselves why the heck is this person connecting with me? What do they want from me?

On beBee, we drive connection and engagement through passions, hobbies, personal and professional interests. You can find other individuals with the same interests as you and then you can create a dialogue over that commonality. This is what we call affinity networking - a connection based on common interest.

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Share your Branding Via beBee

Hunting and applying for jobs online is frequently frustrating and fruitless. The best way to search for jobs online is to become "the hunted" by developing a strong online personal brand. LinkedIn is currently the go-to place to build your online presence where you can showcase your talents. beBee is a fast-growing network for building your holistic brand of personal and professional interests. - Larry Boyer, 🐝 Brand Ambassador

Read more on Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2017/04/19/networking-or-job-boards-nine-strategies-to-find-your-next-role/#5c16c1f97253

beBee: A breath of Fresh Air

I am a very loyal creature of habit. After spending years building up sizeable networks on LinkedIn and Twitter and a smaller network on Facebook, the last thing I wanted to do was start from scratch on a new platform. I resisted the calls to move to Instagram and Snapchat.

Over time, I noticed a lot of “buzz” about beBee.com. At first I ignored it. A few months ago I opened an account but I didn’t do much with it. After reading more favourable reviews, I decided to give it a try. I immediately noticed that beBee bees (members) get regular notifications when content is posted. - Anne 🐝 Thornley-Brown, MBA

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It's time to give potential employers an opportunity to see the whole person

The platform concentrates on matching professionals who have mutual interests and skill sets to help build business relationships, rather than just contacts. BeBee is about professional networking through personal interests and hobbies.

In this digital age, we are finally realizing the importance of personalization and niching down. Javier has discovered that our interests are generating much more professional engagement and better business opportunities on the platform. 

Online, users have traditionally lived a double life, with Jekyll and Hyde characteristics. We all know someone with two Twitter accounts--one for the home persona and another with their template corporate beliefs. We have finally evolved to a position where we can stop playing games and allow our genuine personality shine.
The platform encourages users to display their personal brand in addition to their professional profile. It's time to give potential employers an opportunity to see the whole person and not just a digitized representation of their resume.-  Neil Hughes
Read more on INChttps://www.inc.com/neil-c-hughes/how-this-new-professional-social-network-attracted-10-million-in-its-first-year.html

Best alternatives to Linkedin

beBee is a professional network which encourages the sharing of knowledge and interests while also providing an extensive jobs board.

Like LinkedIn, beBee provides groups or 'hives' for discussions.

beBee is often thought of as a LinkedIn rival, so could be an easy transition site for unfulfilled LinkedIn users.
The 'hives' provide a massive range of topics designed for a large spectrum of users, from small business owners and top-level IT professionals to retail assistants and graphic designers. Christina Mercer
Read more on Computer World: https://www.computerworlduk.com/galleries/careers/linkedin-alternatives-for-it-professionals-3645164/

beBee, what's next? Enter Blockchain

Professionals typically have their profiles on Linkedin, as well as other professional social networks and job portals.

Thanks to blockchain technology and Profede's protocol:

● Professionals will be able to control their own data: They decide who can access their data and which parts of it.

● Professionals will get compensated in tokens for the exchange of their data.

● Professionals set their own price and therefore will feel fairly compensated every time a business gets in touch with them.

● Professionals have a portable professional profile and reputation. They will not need to rely on a centralized platform.

We are really excited about the next beBee using this protocol !!

Profede is using blockchain to bypass the intermediaries in the professional world and create a direct connection between professionals and businesses. On the Profede Professional Ecosystem, professionals control their personal data and get paid each time businesses access it to offer them a uniquely targeted job offer, a commercial offer, or a specific business proposal. Profede brings essential value to professionals and businesses by making data valuable and eliminating intermediaries.

More about Profede's ICO


Other ICOs

There are unique ICOs entering the field, such as Puregold, which is using tokens supported by gold. Gold has been around for ages, so it was just a matter of time before it entered the blockchain realm. Puregold has been around since 2010 as a successful brick-and-mortar company, running storefronts, gold-minting factories and gold ATMs. Puregold’s ICO launches in January 2018.

A number of companies, like FarmaTrust, are using the blockchain to improve daily life. FarmaTrust is working to eliminate counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs with their platform and provide value-added services to governments and pharmaceutical companies. It is estimated that up to 30 percent of medications sold in developing countries are counterfeit. FarmaTrust hopes that their international tracking system, together with AI and big data services, will help solve these issues.

There are even emerging marketplaces like Repux, which is hoping to take advantage of the vast amounts of private data. The idea is for businesses to sell their data anonymously for tokens. Developers can buy the data to create machine-learning algorithms, and then sell the products that they build to enable better business decision making.

Read more at: https://www.influencive.com/7-predictions-blockchain-technology-2018/

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@Javier 🐝 beBee This is great news! I just recorded a podcast about blockchain that shows how world-changing it can be -- it's an exciting technology! http://beyond6seconds.com/episode-4-fennie-wang-blockchain-social-impact

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Professional data and databases are valuable to companies looking to recruit, social sell,  in search of talent, and services. Companies and recruiters and LINKEDIN are making millions from professionals data. Blockchain technology has the power to change how it works today. www.profede.com

Tremendous potential!

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"It's great to have the ability to put a personality behind the faceless curriculum. Sure we are all professionals, but our hobbies and interests provide a much deeper insight into what motivates us as individuals". @Neil Hughes.

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