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Contribution to the society is the responsibility of everybody

Many people assume that contribution to the society is the responsibility of those who are already well settled in life and have nothing else to do; because, even if the average person tried to contribute to the society, it wouldn’t make much difference. How wrong! It is the little drops of water that make the mighty ocean. 

Every person can make a difference to the society if they have the will to do so.

You can make a big difference to the company you work for.

You can make a difference to the project you work on.

You can make a difference to beBee as a bee.

Are you really contributing to the society, your company, your project ? Are you making a difference ?

If not, you probably will not be so relevant as you would like to be.

You need not donate money to feed the hungry or do some heroic act in order to make a difference. Little act of kindness, small changes in lifestyles and being a responsible part of the society, your company or your project will do the trick.  

Being a productive member of the society/family/company, you will be contributing to your community/friends/partners/fellows in a positive way.

The first step would be to improve yourself. It never gets easier. You just get better.

Negative emotions and bad attitude tend to create bad vibes that spreads around, which is picked up by other people. By improving your social skills, being friendly and approachable person, you do a lot of good to your community. There are a lot of people that believes they are contributing giving you ideas or helping you, but they really don't , as they create bad vibes that spreads around. Positive attitude is always necessary to make your goals happened.

So, get away from negative and annoying people. They will not teach you anything.

Contribution to the society is the responsibility of everybody

Let's cycle together. Pedaling is a prerequisite. Quantities should not become an excuse for inertia


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Robert Cormack 7 d ago · #17

I like this Javier. I think building relationships here based on common interests and beliefs demonstrated how "together" we can be. Something tells me that's a strength we can build upon, hopefully to help others. I'd like to think we can make social media a platform for helping as opposed to showing pictures of ourselves.

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Oct 17, 2016 · #16

Dear Jav, you have very rightly hit upon the complacency that creeps in from a personal sense of inadequacy in many. It could be due to any reason - poor health, money, work pressure, lack of time, etc. But yes, anybody can make a difference. Even without moving mountains. A random act of kindness a day, a smile, a hug, a cheerful attitude, a word of praise, an unasked raise ;) ...can and do make the world a better place! You express so well! Keep writing Amigo!

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Vincent Andrew Oct 16, 2016 · #15

A simple yet powerful message!

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Milos Djukic Oct 16, 2016 · #14

@Javier beBee, fractals forever. Kudos and thank you.

You Are a Social Leader, definitely. The Butterfly Effect ("Every person can make a difference to the society if they have the will to do so." - Javier Cámara Rica). The Fractal Revolution in Society, beBee affinity network is the first social media because of all members, affinity concept and high degree of awareness of management.

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Gert Scholtz Oct 13, 2016 · #13

@Javier beBee Thank you for an uplifting post Javier. I like your last line the most: "Quantities should not become an excuse for inertia." A very wise insight.

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Harvey Lloyd Oct 13, 2016 · #12

@Javier beBee your concept is timely. But i would offer up a perspective that negativity is a symptom not an outcome. I have read here and other places about "negativity" and it truly has become an emotional concept. I have had staff say, I wanted to say something but i didn't want to appear "negative".

Being negative is a matter of perspective. Steven Covey of Seven Habits fame talks about this as a bank account. Sometimes we withdraw and others we deposit. The balance is what is important, not the deposits or withdrawals. If you have made deposits with the team, negativity is a withdrawal but, no one sees it that way. Lacking deposits then one must be withdrawing from the team on a consistent basis.

I encounter negativity as a learning experience. Now i am not referring to the acute stages of negativity brought on by psycosys. But rather folks who express misunderstanding in a negative way. They apparently have a a different perspective, and i would like to hear it. I might try and discuss the presentation of the perspective so the person can express themselves and make a deposit rather than withdrawal.

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Ken Boddie Oct 13, 2016 · #11

It's always good, Javier, to walk around the office with a calm demeanour, a broad smile on your face and a positive patient attitude. If nothing else, it drives people crazy wondering what you've been smoking! ✌️🙃

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Brian McKenzie Oct 13, 2016 · #10

I have no inclination to join society or civilization again. "TEAM" is something I would consider, but when the machine spat me out - I am not overly excited about plugging back into it, no matter what siren song it sings. Hell, I quite enjoy pouring gas on the smoldering embers for fun and profit.

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